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Boot Quest Results

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Recently I went to several ski shops in search of new boots. Perhaps some barking bears are interested in the results...

My old boots are Tecnica Icon TNT XR (2000 model) size 28.0 (U.S. 10) My feet are B-C width, 11 u.s. (right), 11.5 u.s. (left) with a high instep, narrow heels, and narrow calves. I use superfeet kork footbeds.

As an instructor, I need a balance between performance and comfort, and have been pleased with the Tecnicas. In the search for new boots, I tried on the following:

Head WC TI N97 28.0
Low volume! squeezed toes, pinched ankles, pinched instep. I know a few sessions with a bootfitter would make it fit, but decided that for instruction and general all-mountain skiing that I didn't want to deal with a low-volume boot at this time. The WC 103 model wasn't available, nor the FR 10.5 or 9.5

Lange Comp 120 MF 28.0
Similar fit to Tecnicas - nice even flex. I liked the removable heel and toe lug feature. The LF model was not available.

Nordica Beast / W12 / W10 27.5
These were very comfortable. Smooth flexing, I liked the elastic power strap. Even the beast does not seem very stiff, but of course that's at room temperature. One salesman told me all three boots have the same shell molds, but at another shop I was told the beast is a slightly larger shell. I came close to deciding on the W12, as I thought the W10 a bit too soft, but finally decided that the cuff was too big, as I had to buckle it almost all the way down for a tight fit.

Salomon X-wave series
Way too high-volume in heel. Course series not available.

Atomic Ride series
Again, high-volume in heel.

Tecnica Icon DPXR HotForm 27.5
I ended up buying this boot. Probably due some to familiarity (if it works, why change it?) But decided to drop down a shell size from a BSL of 321 to 312. On shell sizing, this gives me 1 finger width on the left boot and 1.5 on the right. I may need to slightly punch out the toe on the left, time will tell. This boot fit very well before heating the liner, and better afterward, but there wasn't a huge difference after "hotforming"

Another reason for liking the Tecnica is the wide range of flex adjustment - a "hard/soft" selector on the back and flex inserts in the cuff. I wish both heel and toe were replaceable.

The salesman told me that all Icons (except the XT) have the same shell molds.

I'm still interested in working with a bootfitter and trying a low-volume boot such as the Dobermann XS, or Icon XT - maybe next year.

Hope this is usefull....
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Thanks for the input. I'm shopping for boots and am also an instructor with a wide forefoot for a woman. I currently wear the Technica Innotec X9 (which is the rival line now). It's actually become a little to soft a boot for me, in addition to being a bit wide in the heel area.

I tried on the Solomon X wave 8. I like the flex and fit. The toe will have to be stretched, but the length and heel pocket are great.

The Nordica's unfortunately were not in at the shop yet. I was told that I want to try the W series before I make a decision. How does the 12 / 10 compare to the Solomon 8 in flex?

For reference I also tried the Head World Cup.... i loved the square toe box. The length would have to be stretched, and the ramp angle was too much. The boot was really soft flexing as well. I began to develop ankle pain just standing in the shop.

It's going to be the Solly or the Nordica.
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As a Marin-ite, I was just curious if you used local shops, or shops in the in greater San Francisco area, or Tahoe? The quality of help in local shops can vary almost 180 degrees depending on if you get the one guy who knows stuff or the guy who happems to be there. I see many people trying booyts on in shops, without ever pulling out the liner. Isn't this the first thing you do? As a result, when I bought boots a few years ago, I just went to a Recommended bootfitter in Tahoe, gave him my foot and said "Do Me."

Just curious, where are you an instructor? FT or PT?
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I remember thinking that the Salomon X-wave 8 was too soft for me when I tried it. I'm not positive, but I would compare the X-wave 8 to the W10. I don't remember if the Salomon's had adjustable flex, but the Nordica Beast/W12/W10 all had "hard/soft" settings. Nordicas flex specs are 120/110 (beast) 100/90 (W12) 80/70 (W10) 70/60 (W10 woman) and 50 (W8 woman)

The Nordica boots fit tighter in the heel than the X-waves.

I teach FT at Dodge Ridge, near Pinecrest. I went to Santa Rosa, Mammoth Lakes, and Dodge Ridge to look at boots. I agree, the first thing to do is pull the liner out and do a shell fit.

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