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I'm looking for advice on new skis.

I'm on Dynastar SkiCross 9s at 170 cm. They are fun and versatile, but, with the side and bottom bevel I am using (1 degree bottom, 89 degrees side), I feel a need for something grippier and carvier and with a little more energy. If I true up the bevel on my current skis to 90 degrees both edges, that gives me the arcing that I like, but would in my opinion, screw up the slipping I need for my mogul work for L2. And, oh yeah, I would like to stay with around the same radius, which is 17.

So that's what I'm looking for. Any advice appreciated. Feel free to comment on my reasoning as well; I'm not an equipment geek--yet.

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Throw a 3 degree side bevel on them and see what you think.

You should still be able to slip and pivot a ski in the bumps with a 1 degree base and 3 degree side bevel.
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Scalce, just to make sure I understand the geometry, when you say a 1 degree base and 3 degree side bevel, are you referring to a cut that results in an 88 degree edge?

And, if so, do I understand you correctly that I get my pivot slipping capability from the 1 degree bottom and pick up the edge I need from a side side bevel that is more agressive than my current 1 degree?

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