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Utah TR: 3/25-3/28, LCC, BCC, Ogden

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Well for my 2,000th post, an epic trip report. Wow, what dork has the time to post 2,000 times anywhere? Well, at any rate...

Here was the master plan- I saw the forecast, it looked sick, I wanted to go. Blew off work, blew off Easter with the family, and packed my bags.

As many of you know, I fly standby on Delta. This was not a good idea Easter weekend. So I left Thursday afternoon, and only made it as far as Cincinnati. Overnighted there, and luckily caught the 1st SLC flight Fri.

So I'm hoping to ski the Canyons with the Park City Quick Start, but in my haste to leave NY, I failed to print out the voucher. So I stop in Park City to do so, only to find that the date is blacked out. Cripes. What to do? I chose to head back to Sandy, check into the hotel, then ski free after 3 @ Alta.

Good Move

You're only supposed to ski the Sunnyside (?) lift, but that wasn't happening. Poached the Sugarloaf chair and headed straight for the goods in the vicinity of East Greeley. Thigh deep, kids! Flat light was awful, but that's cuz it was still dumping, so headed into the trees in the same area for some more steep and deep. 4 runs total, and I was stoked for day 2.

Day 2- Solitude, at the urging of our own Jamesdeluxe (F*** Alta, I believe was the quote ). What a beautiful day. Got there @ 8:15, rode the 4th chair up, and had knee deep everywhere I went! Sunshine all day long.

I must say, there are some awfully hairy traverses involved in getting to the real treats @ Solitude, several unexpected mandatory airs almost took me down. Honeycomb canyon was much easier to access, and I skied some great lines in there all day. There were some cool extreme hijinks being played out above the Summit chair as well. Great mountain.

Day 3- Tried to get out on a cat or heli, but neither could accommodate me, so I decided to check out a longtime point of interest, Powder Mountain.
Drove up to Ogden, and wow, what a nice drive up the canyon. The first part of the drive reminded me a lot of the road to Portillo.

It was warming up, so the snow wasn't quite the Alta fluff we all love, but it was plenty good. Had I been there Sat. instead of @ Solitude, it would've been Epic, instead of merely awesome .

That Lightning Ridge cat skiing is quite the deal! Here's the story, it's a cat that tows you by rope (up to about 12 people @ a time) up to the ridge. From there, you can ski down right away in some really nice trees or bowl terrain, or hike up for about another 400 vert, and a much wider choice of lines. It's $7 a pop, and saves you about a 2.5 hour hike. I did it twice and skied some sweet lines, once from the cat terminus, and once from hiking to the summit. I'll be back for sure.

Well, Monday had me penciled in with Diamond Peaks heliski for 4 runs before I split for the airport, but weather rolled in overnight to foil that plan. Sucks too, I would've gotten to ride with Montel Williams, he was booked to snowboard with them that day. That would've been a funny story.

So I left town just as an even bigger storm rolled in

Oh well, I had to leave some for Dchan

Another great UT trip, can't wait for the next.


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You rule Dog!

I always like to read your Solitude writeups. I spent a week at Powderhorn in December (skied only 3 days there) and man that place is underrated...

And on the day I skied Brighton, sitting right next to me in the cafeteria was none other than Montell with one of his riding buddies. Seemed like a real genuine person too.

And next time I do that ski-free at 3 thing at Alta, I'm headed to any flippin chair I see and tellin em the "dog" said it was cool.
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By 3 pm, the lifties are already thinkin' bout miller time! Just keep the ticket out of sight, it's yellow to attract attention.
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