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Originally Posted by Bonni
Let's see........swiftskier doesn't care about anyone, doesn't like the people here, doesn't believe you can make friends on the internet, doesn't, doesn't, doesn't. What he or she DOES do is, well, piss and moan about the Good ol boys here. How tiring.

Gee, I've met so many people here, it isn't funny. I haven't met anyone in person from Epic, that I didn't like. (well, one, but out of a hundred or so, who's counting that one?) I met my husband here. I met the wonderful Bear who married us right here on Epic. I've met legends, nobodies (not you Matteo ), and some downright beautiful people who are the most accepting, intelligent, caring and sharing individuals I've ever known.:

Swiftskier is the one hiding behind the machine and posting the crap he/she thinks is gospel, but I wonder.....how many people want to meet that one on a ski hill? I think I'll pass.
bonni rocks
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Props to the representative from Long Island!!
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yep carvemeister rocks too
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