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ski bags

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I'm getting a ski bag for christmas. My parents asked me to pick it out because they don't ski. I was looking at various bags and noticed that some claim to be designed specifically for shaped skis. Is there any difference between regular ski bags and parabolic ski bags?
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I've never heard of a ski bag designed for shaped skis. Sounds like BS, unless it is such a skinny bag that the wider parts of a shaped ski wouldn't fit. One thing to check for, though, is if you have lifter plates. If your bindings are too "high", they might not fit (I know this can be an issue w/ the hard ski box/tubes). Personally, I don't have any issues, because I have a bag designed for 2 pairs of skis (made by Marker), so when I'm only travelling w/ 1 pair, there's plenty of room.
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I second PerSwede. I have a bag which is sold to hold three pairs of skis. Good for one or two pairs + boots + clothes and whatever. Do NOT attempt to pack your little sister in there
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I think that you might that old straight ski bags won't work, but the operative word here is 'old'. The issue about lifter plates is a real one that you might have to consider. I have a great bag by Head (end of season special) that has room to spare for my 10.20's.
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I recently purchased a new Rossignol "single" ski bag for my Bandit 177cm with FTX105 bindings & Speedset demoplates. Bag diameter was too small and bag would not zip. Returned it for the Rossignol "double" ski bag and my skis now fit with no problem. I purchased my bag locally but the link below is for the same model bag I purchased.

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K2 makes great bags. Lot of padding with strong straps.
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i got the red Salomon Equipe 2 pair ski bag. That thing's huge enough to get 2 skis and MAYBE even a snowboard in there [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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