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Originally Posted by ssh
Exactly! Especially for those who are "feelers", this could be invaluable. How many people have you known who think they are moving forward, angulating a lot, practically touching their hip to the snow, etc., but are actually not doing anything like what they think?

There is a reason that there are so many of these aids for golf: they work (at least sometimes). Video feedback is also easier (and works) in golf. But, I know that my golf teachers often hold the club, move my body into certain positions, and use aids to help me "feel" the swing (I still stink at it, but it's because I don't practice enough).

I think such aids would be great for teaching skiing.
Yes - my instructors did this stuff a LOT... for exactly that reason.... I may be the WORST case scenario re "thinking" I am doing xxx but really doing yyy.... It is important to try to find cues that help do the RIGHT movement... not to just replace the body into RIGHT position from wrong one....

We adjust what is in my arms & where they are - to let me feel them...& or some other body part... also so I can get visual feedback.... but touch is MORE important....
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I´m getting a bit late to the topic after a week of (absolutely perfect!) skiing.

It reminds me of an "e-coach" developed and offered by VIST about 5 years ago. There was a pressure sensor velcroed to the back of the liners cuff and signaling (beeping) too much pressure when in backseat.
The technical/practical problem were the wires leading from the boot to the gadget somewhere in the jackets or pants pocket and another two wires with earphones.
E-coach was marketed as a device used by some World Cup racers like Massimiliano Blardone and even (if I remember well) Michael von Gruenigen. It appeared in the VIST catalog twice and then disappered completely.
Our Czech VIST rep has never sold one.
I was in contact with the VIST man who was in charge of the e-coach. We met in the Alps and I helped him present it as an innovation during the biggest European ski test. E-coach even got a positive review in the German SkiMagazin. Nothing of it helped to sell it.
I still have two e-coaches somewhere at home. I never made anyone even to try it out: they all seemed to lose the interest on seeng the wiring.
Also, lots of them pointed out that you really feel when/if you are in the backseat, sometimes before a beep tells you so. Etc, etc.
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