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South Salt Lake Hotel Safe?

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Hi, Just wanted some expert advice. Decided to try hotwire for a hotel. Up until now, the 2.5 stars I'd seen in South Salt Lake were the caliber of Residence Inn. Instead of that, I got the Ramada Limited. Wouldn't be a problem but I just read a review that said that this hotel is in an unsafe area and shares a parking lot with a probation office - that it's very shady and not safe for children.

Anyone else familiar with this hotel or area?

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What town is it in? I was just out that way and stayed in Sandy. Avoid the extended stay, it's a dive.
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The address says Salt Lake City - it is mapped as South Salt Lake.
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How about an actual address for this ghetto Ramada?

I used to live in SLC. As big cities go, it's basically pretty safe.

There are a lot of stay-and-ski deals you can find for fairly cheap, that'll include a lift ticket with your hotel. Or you can go cheap & close -- like a Best Western near LCC/BCC, anywhere along the south part of the 215 loop highway will get you there fast.

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Hey, hey, hey -- when someone tells a Chicago girl that a hotel's in a bad neighborhood -- I listen!

Address: 2455 S. State Street
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Yes, that is a crappy area. Map:

Not sure what your lodging budget is, but you might check out these offers:

Generally speaking, if you head further south to the SLC suburb of Sandy, you'll be in a safe area (houses & sprawl), with fast highway access to the Cottonwood canyons.

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The Ramada limited is right behind/next to the "Shitty" of South Salt Lake. It's a piece of shit 6 block long incorporated "town" that the main north south drag of Salt Lake City (State St.) runs through. The Ramada sits next to the municipal offices of this so called town which even has it's own police department. DO NOT STAY THERE AND AVOID THE VICINITY!!! How do I know this being from the east you might ask? I make a trip to Utah for at least a week each season and made the mistake of going through South Salt Lake while on my way to Wolf Mountain (now the Canyons) back in 1995 while on a 2 week trip that we drove out from Virginia for. Both cottonwood canyons were closed for avalanche control, so we're heading up Parley's to get to the POWDER and this BOZO cop pulls us over for an illegal lane change as we're getting on the freeway when there wasn't a car within 300yds of us as it was snowing heavily in town. Being military at the time he even wrote me a ticket for an expired Ohio license when by law it was good until 6 months after the expiration of my active duty military ID. I ended up wasting a ski day to go to court and get the expired license charge thrown out and the PRICK judge wouldn't throw out the illegal lane change even though the cop agreed with my version of the story (cop said I didn't pause 4 seconds between lanes). South Salt Lake is Utah's version of Cornfield County and should be avoided. The Ramada is right next to the freeway BTW. On a lighter note, we had an EPIC day the day we got the ticket and UTAH is still THE BEST place to ski in the continental US. Cheers
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Oh come on. That location isn't that bad, sheesh.

You are just down the street from some movie theaters, there are some decent restaurants up State toward downtown. Hop on I-80 East get off on the Sugarhouse offramp, turn left, many restaurants and bars and shops in that area.

It isn't dangerous, just blue collar and a little gritty, but not dangerous.
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its fine !!

stayed at the ramada in question for 5 or 6 days b4 christmas 2003,,, didnt have any problems,, thought it was actually pretty nice, we got a free upgrade to a room with a jet tub,, and stayed on the side of the hotel opposite the freeway so noise was not a problem,,there was familes using the pool.. lift ticket deals for the cottonwood resorts at the front desk,,complimentary breakfast (muffins and cereal)... and as some of our party was going to park city everyday,, while the rest were headed up to alta/snowbird, we found it a very convenient spot,, my dad even walked one night fr the hotel downtown,its not exactly scenic but he was ok..
(as for the place next door we didnt even know it was a probation office (is it??)thought it was simply city office buildings)
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Yes, Yes - just like Jgiddyup says - AVOID THE AREA. One time I robbed a bank in the area - got caught by a BOZO cop. tried to explain to the cop that it was actually my money and the PRICK judge also would not believe me.

so, yes - south salt lake is very unsafe. stay away.
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I used to live 2 blocks form the Ramada Limited,,, it's not that bad. Your next to I-80,30 min to the PC resorts,25 to the Cottonwoods.
Lived in the neighborhood for 8 of 15 years in utah.
You do have to watch out for over zealous sslpd they can be jerks.
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Having never stayed at the Ramada or lived in SSL, I would go with what TahoeTR and Jimmy said. I just had a very brief BAD experience there As to what Marty said, we drove through there on our way downtown this year and the EXTREMELY friendly SSL police had 2 cars pulled over in a 4 block span right on State St. Not saying that those pulled over weren't guilty, but I stand by my Cornfield County statement!!!
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My 2c: we always stay in Crystal Inn downtown, and I was told not to walk by/in Prospector Park (1 block away) due to homeless, etc. Well, nice little park with poor people, NO PROBLEM. We drove thru State Street various times looking for some gymnastics clothing for my boy, and it is just your typical State Street! So, enjoy the skiing and do what we all do at Hotels: sleep, #1, #2, SSS, pool, breakfast.

BTW, what rate did you get? I've never used Hotwire, is it worth it?

Oh, for rentals go to Canyons Ski Shop downtown, VERY nice people and great prices!

Xdog1, tks for insight on Extended Stay, thought about using it on various occasions, luckily didn't bite.
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We stayed at this Ramada a couple weeks ago. The area is old and as one responder wrote - a little gritty. However we never felt threatened. The hotel is very nice, not plush but clean and modern. Breakfast had waffles, oranges, apples, etc.
If you want alternatives, try a hotel/motel in Midvale if you are skiing the Cottonwoods or something further north/east if you want to go to Park City.
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If you want to get out for meal if you stay at the Ramada Limited in sslc.
Villege Inn Resturant appox,2900 so state street.(harley dealer across the street.)
Breakfest is the best time to go.
Coachmans, Resturant. On the corner of 1300 so. and state street. By far the best family resturant in the valley.
Seafood,, Market Street Grill, in downtown Slc,. Ask the front desk for other recomnedations.
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Originally Posted by xdog1
What town is it in? I was just out that way and stayed in Sandy. Avoid the extended stay, it's a dive.
Why would you say extended stay in Sandy is a dive? We stayed there for a week, did not find there is a problem. Every one stayed there is a skier. We had very little interactions with the guests and the only time I asked for directions they answered very politely.
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i'd rather stay in sllc than downtown salt lake city. There was ahooting at a downtown Dennys on 5th so. street, over the wekekend, at least 3 were hit.
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I have to concur with jackwan1 about the Extended Stay. We stayed there in 2004 and found it to be a great value. Something like $37 a night for a weekly rate. Clean, comfortable and convenient. It might be a dive compared to the $200 a night hotels downtown, but for a couple of skiers on a budget it was very acceptable.
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Very coinvent place to stay if you ask me. Close to all the hookers and crack dealers. I just hate driving all over town looking for good deals on my drugs and hookers.
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Originally Posted by Utah49
Very coinvent place to stay if you ask me. Close to all the hookers and crack dealers. I just hate driving all over town looking for good deals on my drugs and hookers.
You'd love New Orleans
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Originally Posted by Utah49
Very coinvent place to stay if you ask me. Close to all the hookers and crack dealers. I just hate driving all over town looking for good deals on my drugs and hookers.

Wow, I did not even see any one outside. Are we talking about the same hotel? The extended stay I was at is next to the Best Western where ski bus stops and accross the street is that big mall with REI and all sorts of Restaraunts and stores. Canyon Sports is on the same side of street two doors down, we got all our discount tickets each morning.

In addition, Lots of Epic members were staying there when you guys had the big meet. Lisamarie and others recommended highly. So I am confused as hell.
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Hey Utah, sslpd was doing a pretty good job cleaning up the 'lot' lizards' when i was living there.
Drugs , can be found anywhere. Seems like the so valley neighborhoods have more meth busts than anywhere else in the county, including ssl.
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Chumped Out

On 4/9, we flew to SLC and stayed at the Radisson airport. I had read other reports that said the hotel was hot - but let me tell you, it was 85 degrees in our room. I called down to the front desk and the clerk told me there was no way to control the temp and we should open a window. We had a loft room and our bedroom was upstairs. There was no breeze. No sleep that night. Drove by the Ramada Express and decided it was not the place for us. Gritty and basic are the words that come to mind. Not a nice place, not a great area. I paid for the room on Hotwire ($51 w/tax). I wouldn't have my undies in a bundle except that the other 2.5 star hotels on Hotwire are much better caliber. Priceline downgraded this hotel to a 1 star - which seems fitting. The rest of the week we stayed at the Grand Summit and had a wonderful time. Nothing like ski in/ski out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing the Ramada Limited to the Grand Summit. It just wasn't what we were expecting at all.

Someone asked about Hotwire. It can be great or it can be awful. I think the trick is to know what you're willing to accept. There are websites out there that will help you decipher what hotel you might get according to the description. In my case, that didn't work. 2.5 star hotels were for hotels like the Residence Inn. But there are examples of how you can practically guarantee which hotel it is by the description. I'd do that again in a heartbeat because the prices can be terrific. We used hotwire for our car and I'd do that again too. In our case, we got a full size for 7 days for $166 including fees/taxes. The least I could get directly or through any other booking service was $225 PLUS taxes. They only book through the big agencies - ours was Avis.
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