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Windham Closing 04/03 4 PM.

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Just got the official email from the 3rd floor.
Sunday is the last day of the '04-'05 season at Windham Mt.:
Lots of good snow but ya can't keep the electric company off your back with only a dozen or so cash sales.
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Didn't make it that far... pasted from an email I got this afternoon:

Due to unexpectedly heavy and consistent rains, Windham Mountain closed this afternoon and will not be open on Sunday as planned. Crews are on the mountain right now doing trench work to make sure the water drains properly - and not into our base lodge! Apologies to anyone who hoped to ski or ride on Sunday, but the storm's impact on trail conditions present a safety concern and we doubt that anyone would enjoy the experience.
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It'll be interesting to see if either Hunter or Belleayre has anything left by next weekend (despite both seeming like they planned to go another week or two)... Oh well, at least I got to make that big dump in late March at Windham my last time out for the season...

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NY blows.
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So much H2O wasted and all for nothing! God, how I hate warm temps and the rain that comes with it!
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Too bad, with so much snow left. Even if Hunter is open, I think that's it for skiing. WIth temp going from 30's a couple of weeks ago to mid to high 50's in the forseeable future, it will be more like sand surfing.
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Right now the real challenge is the mud sliding just crossing the p-lot.
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