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Boot recs and specs

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Hi, I'm wondering if you nice folk can help in finding me a new boot. Can you rank the following in heel pocket/ankle area size and snuggness:

Lange Comp series(100, 120, 130, MF and LF)
Tecnica Diablo series
Nordica Dobermann series
Nordica Beast series

I'm basically looking for the smallest possible heel pocket, as I have tiny heel and ankle. Can you also rank the above in instep height?

Thanks a bunch!
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Most snug to least snug:

1. Lange Comp (MF or LF)
2. Tecnica Diablo
3. Nordica Beast

I've never been in the Doberman so I'm not sure where it ranks. Keep in mind that these are definitely generalizations and there's much more to getting a good boot fit, but maybe this info will help you.

BTW - I have found that the vertical placement of your foot (whether it is lower in the boot shell or higher) has a tremendous impact on how a boot will fit. For example, sometimes a boot that feels way too tight in the forefoot will feel perfect with a Bontex shim (or two) used to raise your foot level in the shell. I haven't seen many discussions on here that discuss the "vertical element" of foot placement when fitting boots, but it has had a huge impact for my feet.
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Dobermann will be the snuggest, no question.
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Thanks for the info.

I'm gotten some conflicting reports where I've heard someone say the Diablo was actually more snug in the heal/ankle than the Lange Comp. Of course, the Diablo is wider at the forefoot. My foot length is between a 7 1/2 and 8 and width is closer to E than D so I'm not sure if I will fit in a Comp. I also have a pretty low instep(thin feet height-wise) and average arch.

Noodler, I'm curious how putting Bontex shims beneath the foot will increase space in the forefoot. I thought they were used to decrease space??? I've actually used them above my liner in the instep area to take up space.
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Having skied both a Lange WC 130 LF and my new Tecnica Diablo Race 130s in the past 2 weeks, I think I can be helpful. The Langes are a bit tighter in the instep, but only by a very small amount. The heel pockets felt pretty much the same, although your ankles are closer to the shell in the Lange. They are both great boots. The non-plug dobies are similar to these, the WC 150 is the tightest, aside from a Lange RL1 plug (PAIN!!!!!!!).
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Regarding the use of Bontex shims to actually "gain" room.

This is kind of difficult to explain without pictures, but I'll give it a shot. Visualize the boot cross section when viewed from behind the heel (like the hull of a ship) and imagine a horizontal line bisecting the bottom of the boot from the top. Move the line vertically and there will be a point where the line is at its maximum in regards to forefoot width. This position isn't necessarily where your foot will end up depending on how much material is below it. In cases where your foot is actually sitting too low in the shell, the shims (while taking up some volume) would actually raise your foot higher in the shell where your foot would be at the widest point in the forefoot area.

I ran into this issue with my new Dalbello Kryptons and thought I'd mention it. Note that I'm certainly not a trained boot fitter - so your mileage may vary.
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Thanks for the input guys.

Noodler, I understand what you're saying, though I don't think I have that problem in my boots.

Over the weekend, I tried a Comp 120 LF and a Diablo Fire, both in 25.5. I found the Comp 120 much tighter in the heel/ankle than the Diablo. I had to crank the lower ankle buckle on the Diablo almost all the way to the max and it still didn't feel that tight. Both had a little space over my instep.
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The diablo fire is not the same caliber of boot as a 120 LF. The fire is somewhat high volume. For a comparable boot, try at least the magnesium, but the race pro is what is most comprable. That's what I meant when I said the diablos were tight. The fires are not really snug at all.
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I thought that the Diablo's all used the same last. Or are the Flame, Fire and magnesium the same fit and the Race Pro a lower volume?

I'm not necessarily looking for a highend stiff boot, just something that fits really well. Why is it that people with small feet have to spend a fortune to get the right fit?
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