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Volkl Explosive Questions?

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I am trying to get some info from people who own or have experience on these skis. I am considering picking up a pair.

To begin with a little background on myself. I am an experienced skier....probably around a level 7 looking to improve. I am 6'0 165. I am currently skiing on K2 Axis X 174's. I have skied all over the west (usually 1 week a year) and 5-10 days on the east coast.

I will finish a masters degree by the end of the summer and am planning on moving west for next winter (probably SLC b/c of family/friends that live out there) I am looking to pick up a powder/fat ski before next season. My powder skiing experience has been limited to what few days I have had (hit or miss) over the past 7-8 years of skiing out west.

I have the opportunity to buy a pair of 03 Volkl V Explosives 165's for pretty cheap.

I have heard nothing but good things about this ski for powder/crud performance. However I am wondering if the 165 is too short and if the Explosive may be too stiff for my first powder ski. Any comments would be appreciated.

I actually like the idea of a shorter ski since I enjoy skiing trees/bumps and even if the ski is very stiff the shorter lenght would be easier to turn in tight spots.

Thanks in advance
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165 = way too short, go for a 180 at least.
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wait for the mantra. Better turn radius. Or perhaps the legend pro or 8800. A little more forgiving. Don't go too short.
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Agreed, the 165's will be too short for a powder ski - but a decent length for trees. The v-ex is not a bump ski in any length, though - do-able, but not ideal. If moguls are a big part of their duties, look at something else.
I outsize you by a little - 6'2" & 185 and ski the 180's as an everyday ski. Still short enough to toss around quickly in the trees, but long enough to provide a little more stability when opened up.
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Too short.
Also, I love my Explosiv but for a pure deep powder ski it's not my first choice.

But for powder and anything else it rocks.

I ski the 180cm, am 6'2" 190lbs and can turn on a dime. Wednesday I was in chutes that were about 8-9 feet wide and tight trees: lots of fun on the 180cm Explosiv.
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Im 6'1'' 195 lbs. I ski the 180 and it rips!

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165cm is way too short.

But you should wait for the Mantra. it is much easier to turn and is going to make your life so much easier, especially iff you want to improve. the explosiv is just so stiff.
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Originally Posted by sars
the explosiv is just so stiff.
That's the bonus of these sticks!
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