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High Tech

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A Group Of Women Were Sitting Naked In A Sauna.

Suddenly There Was A Beeping Sound. The German Woman Pressed Her Forearm And The Beep Stopped.

The Others Looked At Her Questioningly. *"that Was My Pager," She Said, I Have A Microchip Under The Skin Of My Arm."

A Few Minutes Later, A Phone Rang.

The Japanese Woman Lifted Her Palm To Her Ear And Took The Call. *when She Finished She Explained, "that Was My Mobile Phone. *i Have A Microchip In My Hand."

The Kentucky Woman Felt Decidedly Low Tech. She Decided She Had To Do Something Just As Impressive.

She Stepped Out Of The Sauna And Went To The Bathroom. She Returned With A Piece Of Toilet Paper Hanging From Her Behind.

The Other Women Raised Their Eyebrows And Stared At Her. *the Kentucky Woman Said, "well, Will You Look At That? *i'm Gettin' A Fax!"
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And probably more interesting than some of the sh!t that comes over my fax.

"Favorites" have gotta be those hot penny stock picks at 2 am. Every phone in the house rings because my home office fax is hooked to the home #.
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