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Markdowns on "old" gear.

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Anybody have a formula they use when shopping for skis that aren't "new"? For example, last year's ski, not used, how much off MSRP will you knock it down? Or does it depend on the ski? Any hard and fast rules? Percentage off the price for each year of age? "What the market will bear"? What's fair? What's gouging? Anyone?
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Hmmm...here is how I "formulated" my latest ski purchase of last year's Fischer Big Stix 84.

1. One pair in my size in the shop and not many shops in the area carry them.

2. Someone else at some point is gonna buy them if I don't.

3. Topsheet is cool woody but the new year's model has an butt ugly top sheet.

4. I can afford the marked down price...not a super markdown but less than $500 (can't recall now what I paid exactly).

5. I want that ski at some point.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = me buying the ski.

This year I'll multiply that by the coefficient of fun and I'm sure I will have a winning formula. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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First find out what these skis sold for new at many stores. However, watch out for inflated prices. Sometimes skis come with a nasty price tag, but then "marked down" to $xxx, which is the intended retale price anyway. Example: At Gart, we have a pair of Axis X's at $599 'marked down' from $750. No way was taht ski ever $750 that I know of! Original price- $500+ advanced ski, $450+ high intermediate to low advanced, $400+ inters, $350 and under low inter and entry.

Ask where the skis have been stored all this time. If they say, "In the garage." Ask if the garage is heated. If not, run away!

Are the bases good? Can you see any repairs? Did he was and not scrape so as to leave them in good condition for next season? if not, can you see any residual wax? Shouldn't be able too. Wax belongs in the base not on top of it. Residual wax shows the ski has not been properly waxed and therefore the bases may not be in the best of shape. Residual wax would be what I call visible, not just a trace here and there.
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If you're talking about buying through eBay, I'd say watch few auctions for the same ski and see what they go for. This can be seasonal, however, since prices rise and fall based on demand. Also, a lot of it has to do with the popularity of a particular ski. Research completed auctions (to find your low price) and pay attention to "buy it now" prices (to find the upper price). That should give you a range to shoot for.

If you're talking about buying from a shop, it depends on how much that shop wants to move that ski. A shop here has last year's Volant Chubbs marked at $500, and they can probably get it because it was a popular ski that isn't made anymore. Again, do your research and know your product.
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