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Skiing Skeletally, Skiing with Natural Posture

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In an earlier thread, JPski really got me fired up about this whole "skiing skeletally" dealie. So much so that, using his images as the basis of looking carefully at skiing and posture, we've put together this site at Geocities.com. I have a friend, a web designer, who is putting this into a better format with a navigation bar, better layout, etc. We'll be moving it to its own domain name in a month or two. It's a non-commercial site, btw. I believe that there are many ways to arrive at posture and alignment, such as Pilates, Feldenkrais, The Alexander Technique, yoga, Tai Chi, and so on. But, for our site, I've got some Ideokinesis exercises that I would, over the long term, like some feedback on. Forgive any typos on the page, please.


Anyone out there want to add a page on boot selection, footbeds, etc.? Let me know.
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Nightcat, this is the cat's meow (sorry, I could not resist). Seriouly, I think the idea is great. I love the exercises. Totally out of the ordinary. Not sure about Witherall and Evrand.
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Nightcat, this is nothing short of brilliant! If you're ever in NYC, you must look up my old friend, Professor Julia "Evergreeen" Keefer, who teaches at NYU. She studied ideokinesis with Andre Bernard, back in the 70s.

Of course, if you're ever in Colorado, you must come by my studio so we can "talk shop."
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Very good, except the site has just reached it's daily limit!

If you want it hosted elsewhere, let me know.
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lookin good, Nightcat

Im a workin' on another skelly series for the advanced skier....coming soon

the site is really coming along...
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Thanks for the support out there--we're getting it together and will post this fairly soon were more folks can see it--Nightcat
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We have temporarily upgraded our site to handle more traffic and eliminate the Yahoo ads: http://www.geocities.com/skieralignment/home.html

We'll be moving with a much better site next month--thanks for your support!
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This is good stuff!
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Good work, excellent topic!
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Has anyone read Denise McCluggage's Centered Skier? In chapter 10, she speaks of an acting class she took in NYC with Sanford Meisner. He said "Don't make it happen, let it happen." Mike_M uses this in ski class. Occaisionally I actually listen.

In her chapter on carved turns, McCluggage comes up with this description:

It is an action in which certain things are caused to happen, and certain things are allowed to happen. Faults arise in trying to cause what should be allowed.
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Just bought a used copy of this book. Got it as a reco from your website. Plan to read it soon. Great calligraphy in this book! Btw, your post makes absolute sense. Too many people force things when they ski.
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Site is further expanded, with fuller explanations: http://www.geocities.com/skieralignment/home.html

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Skelly ready to reappear

Skelly is ready to make a reappearance in expert mode....check the site soon...
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New look

hey, guys and gals, we have a new look and feel to the site. Skelly is back with more "shin"anagans and we have a new title page. Marc has also been working on the content....a work in progress.
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