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R11 Replacement

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My first post here. I'm 6'0", 175lbs, skill level ~8, 50+ days/year, mostly ski Alpine Meadows, but also plan 3 week Euro trip next year. (So ice hold is nice to have.)

My much-loved R11's were recently trashed, now I need a replacement. I already have Rossi XXX's for powder days, I need a ski to fill the R11 void. Wouldn't mind a little more float if I don't lose speed/firm performance. And, I'm perplexed on length...R11's seemed like a great compromise between stability and quickness at 180CM, but people are apparently going way shorter now.

I've already demoed:
Rossi B2 176cm (good off-piste, weak on)
Volkl 6* 175cm (fun/awesome on ice, no chance to try off-piste that day)
724 Pro 177cm (great on firm groomers, and in soft boot-deep, but seemed like a bear in bumps/trees)

I plan to demo more, but am trying to narrow it down a little because it is hard to demo all the varieties and lengths.

Based on lurking here for a while...These skis seem like contenders:
Volkl Allstar (175cm?)
Metron (B5 or M11?) (162 or 172?)
Dynastar (4800?) (8000 sounds too fat for speed/firm)
Volkl 724 Pro (177cm, because it didn't actually kill me the first time)
Volkl AC3 (177cm?)

(Note: AC4 sounds like a great "one" tahoe ski, but I already have the XXX's for powder, looking for something biased towards the R11 side of things, and I doubt AC4 is gonna like the bumps/ice)

Hope this is coherent enough.
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Not sure but in prior years Granite Chief has a demo day(s) in April for there better customers and skier card holders. You might check to see if they are having it this year, would be a great chance to try several skis.
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To me, a ski that is very close to the R:11 is the Volkl Superspeed. The first ski that I bought to replace my R:11 was the 724 Pro. I have moved on to the AX4 for my most everyday ski. The 6 star is a great ski for those european groomers. Before discounting the AC4 read some of the threads reviewing them. I hear that they carve like a warm knife thru butter.
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Is $$ an option? I picked up a pair of '04 Volant Machete Souls (72mm waist) a couple of months ago online for $250....the skis rock in a similar fashion to the R11...except they're heavier so they handle the chunked up frozen crud we get between storms here in the Sierras better....only thing is these skis are pretty beefy and stiff so when I switch back to them after a few days on the fatties I get bucked a bit until I get used to them again...the best thing about these skis is how awesome they are in the steeps - and for a heavy ski they're surprisingly quick bumps....and they have less camber than the R11 so (I feel) they "dance" better in pow...

Posting this because I've seen 'em recently on ebay....you should be able to nail a pair in the $200 range....if you want to try mine, meet me at Rose next weekend (4/9-4/10)....
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Last time I was in there, the REI in Reno had some leftover Atomics that were either a R11 or R:Ex, for cheap. Might want to give them a call if you're looking for an exact replacement for your old skis.
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Truckee Brian / El Blah Blah,

Are you guys fairly familiar with the South Lake tahoe region? I'm wanting to demo something in the Atomic Metron line while at Heavenly in April, and was wondering if either of you would know of any shops that demo that line of skis?
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Thanks all for the responses...definitely going to see what Granite Chief can line up for me this weekend. I think what I'm really looking for, in a nutshell, is this:

1st question - Ski Type:
If you think about a mythical 3 ski quiver, the R11 was two thirds of my quiver, with the XXX's as the other third. I'm looking for a replacement that still covers that 2/3 of the range, but with a little more ability in the middle third - yet not giving up anything in the bottom third. It seems like a reasonable thing to be looking for, given the advancement of technology we've seen with the Metrons and others.

2nd question - Ski Length:
If I was happy on a 180cm R11, am I still going to be happy on a 162cm B5 or M11? or would I like a 172cm better? I'm sure 162 is going to be better for bumps and trees, but is a 162 really capable of doing what a 180cm r11 could do as far as speed and crud performance?

3rd question - Metron specific:
What is Atomic's replacement for the R11, anyway? is it the M11, or the B5? the dimensions of both seem very similar, as does the feedback from reviewers here. (I'm not by any means locked-in to the Metrons, in fact I'm really worried about their weight because I spend a lot of time hiking with skis on shoulder, but it feels like I've got to try them out.)

Thanks again for responses above.
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Forrestor - I live up by Tahoe north shore, so not very familiar with all the shops down by Heavenly, rarely get down there anymore. (too bad, I miss Kirkwood...). But, if you will be staying or passing thru Reno, you might try either Reno Mountain Sports or Bobo's...they both carry pretty full selections.

El Chupacabra - Last time I was down in Reno, poked my head in REI, they were pretty well cleaned out of skis...in fact, seemed to be pretty well into summer there, which seems awfully strange with 2 months of skiing left ahead of us...
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Originally Posted by Forrester
Truckee Brian / El Blah Blah,

Are you guys fairly familiar with the South Lake tahoe region? I'm wanting to demo something in the Atomic Metron line while at Heavenly in April, and was wondering if either of you would know of any shops that demo that line of skis?
Nope, sorry. Might have to just call a few of the rental shops in SLT and see what they've got.

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Thanks guys. By the way, sorry about the name Karl! Didn't know how to spell it while writing my post!

I was at Heavenly in mid January. The shops at the Villiage carried the Metrons, but they didn't have them available to demo. At the time, they were predominantly offering only powder skis to demo, which made sense with the volume of show they were getting at the time.
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