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For those of you who are interested, the LOTOJA (Logan, UT to Jackson, WY) website is up and running.


This will be the 23rd year of the bicycle race, which at 206 miles, is the longest 1-day USCF sanctioned race in the nation, and is scheduled for September 10, 2005.

I started riding this a couple of years ago to rehab a broken femur/blown knee.

To give you an idea of the amount of training involved, most starting training in May/June. Last year, I had just under 3000 miles of training and ended up taking 4th in my class at 9:34:55.

This is great training for next year's season.

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9 hours? you are FIT.

i believe this is the ride bob peters' wife completed last year.

humbling. the one century i did kicked my butt and kept kicking it for a couple days after. to add over one hundred MORE miles...yeeeesh. if not for lake tahoe to keep looking at, woulda been nothing but grueling.

"I'm Not Worthy."
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