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Twin tips

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My 13-year-old snowboarding son has announced that he would like to return to the light and get some twin tips. He's saving up and also selling one of his old snowboards. I told him I might finance as a reward for ratcheting up his grades. My question is: which ones? Line? 1080's? Dynastar? K2? Also, if he falls back gradewise, what do I do? Like me, he's not as dumb as he looks, but he has gotten adverse teacher comments for chatting in class, and he got double-detention for gluing his buddy to something. Chip off the old block, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk.

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There was a short thread on the subject recently, but here's my opinions...

It depends on a couple of things - what you want to spend, exactly what he wants to do with them, and where he will be skiing for starters. You live in the Northeast, so you can rule out the fatter models (Pocket Rockets, AK Enemy, etc..) as these are built more towards a powder/bc environment.

Most models are changing next year, so now is a good time to buy. I've seen a lot of this year's models on sale already. Go with a company you have had success dealing with - if your son uses these in the park they will take a beating, and you want to have the warranty cover it if necessary.

That said, I've only had experience with one model (K2's which I loved), but have also heard good things about Line and the 1080's. Dynastar sucks in my opinion.

How's good old Burlington? I was up there for five years in the late 90's.
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First on the ski models, most of the twin tips are fairly wide waisted - around 70mm or greater, so they are mostly geared toward all mountain skiing, not just carving turns on the groomers. I haven't skied any of these models, but have been looking at the reviews posted here and elsewhere as my son also wants twin tips. The reviews I've seen rate the K2 Enemy, the Sol. 1080, Dynastar Concept Pro, Rossi Powair Pro as good choices. Will work well in the TP, but also are good for general skiing. Volkl V and Fischer models are also noted.

As to your second point, how you want to deal with the financing and your son's grades is up to you. My .02, parent to parent, is if you make a deal, stick to it. If he gets the money if his grades go up, and they don't, don't change your mind and give him the cash. Again, just my .02
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Avoid Line for now. The two models that might work for your son size-wise are not good choices. The 1260 is a symmetric ski with as much tail as front. It encourages sitting back when you ski it. The Skogen just plain sucks outside the terrain park.
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