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Nordica SpeedMachine 16.1 Ski (05-06)

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The Nordica SpeedMachine 16.1 (2005-2006 model of the '04-05 SpeedMachine 14 with slightly stiffer topsheet and 1mm wider tail?) was similar to the Nordica Doberman RC Pro, but more "carvy" at various speeds, quicker at slower speeds and much more versatile off-piste. A real race-core under the swoopy shape of an all-mountain high-speed trench-digger. Nordica's excellent race ski technology is filtering down into its civilian products very nicely. I was very impressed with both the Doberman Pro RC racecarve and this SpeedMachine.

Requires expert input to get it to perform as designed for expert hard-carving anywhere on the mountain. Not for recreational skiing. A little stiff for the bumps, and not a floaty powder board. Superb tool to carve arcs into groomed surfaces at high pressure speeds. Racy, with a wider collection of tricks up its sleeve than a pure race-carve...but really yearns to be let go on high-speed groomers to leave distinctive marks behind. Not difficult to ski at slow speeds, and very well-behaved, but wants to be pressured to get rowdy response. Better slow-speed response than the RC Pro, with a "cheeky" kick (I read this description somewhere else and agreed!) in the tail if you want to get some serious acceleration at the end of your turns. Don't get in the back seat. Really, really fun and more adventurous than the RC Pro.

The turns at high speed were quiet and confident with great, tight grip and power for any level of pressure, even when varying turn radii, with the only drawback being a slight tendency to weaken its grip under really high-speed maximum leg power on the hardest boilerplate surfaces. This limit would only be reached under race-like conditions...not all-mountain powerhouse carving where the SpeedMachine 16.1 is targeted.

The SpeedMachine 16.1 is a powerhouse ski with real personality for raging around securely at any speed. A "9" for racecarve skis, and a "10" for all mountain expert hardware. Really really addictive. Try them.
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thats cool...i really like the Speedmachine series...never have skied any of them but i hear really good things...in comparision where do u think the SUV fallens in comparison?
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I have an SUV 12 and i get the feeling that it is a dumbed down speedmachine ski...that mby even more all mountain geared but with less capability than the speedmachine
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