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I'm a eastern skier, yearly VT. trip or UT. depending on my cash situation. Looking for a ski to take into the trees, in variable conditions. Also ski steep trails. Moguls are not my favorite..prefer bumps on steeper terrain but, I don't go looking for them. I'm 48, 195lbs. 5'10" and thinking about the XX's in a 177. Also, I am considering the X. I'm not sure which ski would fit the bill. I might be able to pick up either ski at a decent price now so demo is out of the question. My in bounds ski is a Dynastar Max 0 in a 190. I also have a set of Volant Chubbs (original side cut) in a 180 for those deep days. I used both skis in the trees at Jay last March after an epic dump. I liked my Chubbs better, of course, but I'm looking for more versatility. Any thoughts?
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If you're looking for true, exceptional versatility, it's the Rossignol Bandit XX you want. In fact, considering how versatile the XX is, I'm not sure what real place the X has in that line-up. If you like the Chubbs in 180, then at your weight the 177 may be too short and the 184 may be just right. I weigh 150 and stand 5'8", and I am the truely quintessential mediocre skier. I love the XX in 170, and I think you'd like it better in 184 than in 177.
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Thanks for the feedback, Oboe. Still not convinced that the 184 is the size for me. While riding the Tram at Jay, my 190s seemed to be the longest skis there. My pinhead freinds from Mad River were chiding me about being afraid to go shorter and fatter. What a far cry from the days I was chided for skiing short on my 200s and 205s.Does anybody have some thoughts on the Atomic R/EX 177 cm.? I'm afraid they would be too fat for eastern use. I do ski with family so I spend more time then I care to on blue and black groomed.

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Dont sacrafice the stability of the ski by getting a 177, you will be much better suited with the 184. I am 5'7" and 145 and demoed the XX in a 184 and handled it just fine, even in the bumps. If i were to buy the ski id get the 177, but the 184 was not a problem at all. Given your size in comparison to myself, get the 184... maybe even longer yet - but i dont know what the next size is - probly a 188?? With the 184 you will be able to tear through trees but when yer on the groomed you will love the stability the ski has in a carve. Because of the turned up tail the ski releases from a turn very easily so snaking through tight terrain is very easy. I found bumps to be a breeze on the ski despite the long length i was on.
Hope that helps, dont sell yourself short in length... - i ski a 180 race room ski for GS now to put it in perspective.

sometimes its good to go short and other times its good to stay at regular lengths. When youre skiing free ride skis, stay at your recommended length.
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I ski the XX in Vail and the X in the East. Here are my thoughts.

The XX is wider under foot, 74mm vs 70mm, which results in two major differences in the way they ski.

The XX isn't as quick from edge to edge but will be MUCH better than the X in soft snow, crud, powder, etc. Simply the most versatile ski there is.

The X is MUCH quicker and is better in the bumps. It does a reasonably good job in eastern powder in the 4-10in range. A GREAT eastern ski.

So, where are you going to ski? If you'll even do one trip west, go with the XX; but, if the west is out of the question then go with the X.

Oh, and size? I'd do the 184 for sure.


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Well, That's 3 votes for the 184s, all from eastern skiers. The XX appeals to me more then the X. I own a ski for hard pack so if hard pack is the only conditions, then my choice is clear. Does not look good for a western trip this season. Utah is my choice and I'll usually pick one resort so my kids can get consistant instruction from the same teachers.I like Solitude, Alta though, Snowbasin was big and empty when last I was there a few years back. Vermont is likely to get my money so it will probably br Jay Peak in March and hope to get another dump when I arrive. Stowe is a possiblity and I may go to Mad River for a day if it is a good snow year.Thanks WV, Helava,and Oboe for the comments. More thoughts are welcome.
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i ski a original bandit x in a 184
im a eastern skier and they're the best skis ive ever used
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When my old Bandit X's give out I'l replace them for sure. The newer version, as has been stated, is super quick edge to edge. Fun in bumps and in light powder up to my knees. But when the snow is older or heavier or has begun to set up then they get knocked around. That is when I am on my Fischer Big Stix 74's, which is a slightly stiffer version of the Bandit XX. I like the XX as well. It is more versatile. Just not as quick edge to edge.
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Many long-time skiers of the Bandit XX have dropped down a size when buying the newer [current] model. As I've said, I did not like the XX in 177 but loved it and bought it in 170. It is quick edge to edge, quicker for me than the X in 177. On the other hand, if I drop down a size in the X, it's a bit squirrely for me. The XX is the one pair of skis I'd have if I could have only one pair. Sure, my shorter 160 cm Rossi T-Power shorty slaloms are quicker edge to edge, but so what? My XX's are the most fun skis I've ever slid downhill on, so much fun that even just saying so makes me want to dangle my preposition.
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