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What would be your Ideal Quiver???

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If money were not object what would be your ideal quiver, how many skis would you want. Specifically, what skis in what dimensions? I think I would want to keep the current RX8's that I have and add two more skis to that. I would replace my old Xscream series with something with a 75-85 waist maybe like an R:EX or something and then add Sugar Daddy,Gotama or similar for pow.
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Um, let's see...
Head iXRC 1100SW in 170 for on piste
K2 Seth Pistols in 179 for off
and Fischer Spyders for balance.

Oh, I just realised...

...that's what I got!
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You might like the Dynastar Legend 8000's. The Pocket Rockets are nice if you want to go bigger. [90mm waist].
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Head iSL Chip 160cm (racing and carving on hardpack)
Atomic SL9 170cm (all mountain rock ski)
Metron B5 162cm (all mountain good coverage ski)
Heak IM88 175cm (all mountain powder hound)
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Volkl 7.24 Pro 177 - everything but the deep stuff (got)
Volkl Gotama 190 - the deep stuff (demo'd, getting next season?)
errm? A park ski? Scratch BC perhaps, but I don't do park.

Hey, got 1/2 my dream quiver already!

Athough for a dream one ski quiver I really want a 188 (stiff) Prior (priorskis.com)...
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Everything in Atomicman's garage!
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I've got a lot of skis, but my main quiver covers most of the bases IMO:

Fischer RX 8 (180cm)/ Dynastar SC 10 (178cm)-For hard snow days.
Dynastar 8000 (184cm)-For days when anything can happen.
Dynastar 8800 (188cm)-For soft snow or powder days.

I'm thinking about adding a Fischer BigStix 106 in a 190cm, for the deepest of days.
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Presently I'm pleased with the G3, G4, and Explosiv kit

for next year I'm thinkin' AC3 G4 Explosive, and since I got the Fischers RC4 SC's, I'll Idealize them for hard snow carving.

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I have my "one ski quiver" in the Metron XI.
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1. Racetiger GS(185) SL(165)
2. Super G (203)
3. Allstar (175)
4. Mantra (184)

I think that would cover it. The allstars would actually be last on the list. Any conditions that would be good for those I could actually have just as much fun on the race skis.

Next year I'll get a pair of Mantras. I haven't decided if they will replace or complement my G4s.
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Salomon Pocket Rockets - 185cm
Salomon X-Hots - 175cm
Nordica SUV 14 - 170cm

I have the two top. Instead of the SUVs I have some Dynastar SkiCross 10s which come close. I realize the Metron B5s or Legend 8000s are technically better than my X-hots but those skis aren't as much fun in the moguls so I'll stick to the X-Hots.
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I have my ideal quiver:
Volkl 6****** for hardpak and groomers
Volkl AX4 for everyday soft snow conditions
Volkl Explosiv for days like today (waist high poo) and crud busting.
DOn't think that I am a Volkl guy. RIght now, they just make the best product for my skiing style. A few years ago, I swore by Atomic R:11.20
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
I have my "one ski quiver" in the Metron XI.
My M:b5 has become this for me, too. My biggest challenge is finding time to keep 'em tuned, which is why it's nice to have a second pair. But, unless I'm in really deep pow (time for a demo!), I'm good on the b5s.
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I pretty much have my ideal quiver right now:

Salomon Scream 10 Hots - 186
Volant FB's -175
Dynastar Little Big Fats- 168 (supposed to be the Legend 8800 from a few years ago, similar to PR's)

and the newest member just arrived today:

Atomic GS:11- 193

I am going to demo some slalom skis and the metron b:5 to look for a short carver, but otherwise I think I am set.
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I'd go bigger and wider in three steps:
Atomic SL9 165
Atomic M10 or 11 171 or 178
Atomic M EX 185

Then I'd want about 20 other randonee, rock, speed and cross country skis
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My ideal quiver at this point:

Fischer RX8 165 (could have easily done 170)
K2 Public Enemy 179
Head Monster IM77 Chip 170 or Fischer AMC 79 175

And something 90 or bigger in the waist just incase I can ever get out west. Some B5s could be interesting since everyone seems to love them, but I skiied the MXI recently in both 172 and 162 and didn't particularly like it...

Been skiing the RX8s this year, have the K2s shipping in now for next season (yep, bought these as an alternative to Legend 8000s or something else on the fatter side to complement the RX8s). Those two alone should keep me happyfor eastern skiing about 95% of the time I think...

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Viking- How big are you on those LBF's? A shop around me has the 168's and I've never pulled the trigger because they're shorter then I was looking for.
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Originally Posted by RJP
Viking- How big are you on those LBF's? A shop around me has the 168's and I've never pulled the trigger because they're shorter then I was looking for.
I'm on a 168 (6'3" 220lbs). I really like the LBF's, they are great skis. I bought them essentially for bumps, narrow chutes, and soft snow, and they work exactly as expected. Soft enough in the tip and tail with a straight enough edge to work the bumps, but stiff enough with the titanal top layer to hold on the hard pack. At my size they do not carve well at over 25 mph. They probably would have been better at speed in a longer length, but then i have other skis for this and that's not what I bought these for. They are my go to ski for back country when I want to pick my route and not go super fast. With the boat shovel in the tip and the stiff centers, they are absolutely the best slush ski I have ever been on. I would buy them again in a second. And if they are anything like the 8800's, the 8800's are great skis.
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Dynastar Legend 8000 184cm for general resort use
Dynastar Legend pro 186cm for blasting crud and powder
K2 Seth vicious 189 for cruising powder
Volkl Sanouk just for the hell of it (if money is no object I would be skiing Alaska regularly)
Volant Spatula just for the sake of curiosity
and some random twin tips for mucking around on rails
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With the skills I currently posess, I think my SX:11 (170) and my just shipped Legen 8000 (172) are close to the perfect two ski quiver for me. I'd like to demo a Metron and I need a rock ski but in truth, conditions would have to be widely known to be REALLY sketchy wherever I was headed for me to fill one of the two spots in my bag with the rock skis. Still, it would be nice to have a pair for those times...
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I would take some Atomic B5's @ 162 for everything short of big powder days. For that I would go for a Dynastar Legend 8800 @ 178 or something simillar.
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I have 'em:

Volkl Explosiv 180 cm or Dynastar Legend Pro 186cm for nearly everything
K2 Made N AK 189cm for deep powder
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Current quiver:
Black Diamond Crossbows 171/Freerides (resort/BC)
Karhu Jak BC 170/Freerides (BC/pow/crud)

Money no option quiver?
Karhu Jak BC 180/Freerides (BC/pow/crud)
Volkl Sanouk/Freerides (powder)

I honestly have no idea for a dedicated New England resort ski...guess I'd keep the BD Crossbows, or go with a playful twintip like Public Enemies...
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I got Volkl P40 GS 193 and Volkl Gotama 183, I'm thinking about getting Racetiger.
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Madshus Hypersonic 3x3
Fischer Outabounds
Asnes Nansen
Elan SLX
K2 Enemy -the old made in USA ones
Scottybob Bobtail Kevazingo top skin
Teleboard King Karve 191
Virus Black Death II
Arbor Element Wide
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Salomon LAB SL 165
Nordica GS 188
Any 205 SG ski
Volkl Karma 185
Rossignol Scratch FS 174
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Ultimate Girly collection:
Volkl Gamma (hardpack, going fast, pink stars)
T9 Spire (Bumps, turquoise with flowers, sparkles)
Phat Luv (Powder/slush, green with purple flowers and sparkles)
I have 'em all-- there is a lot of overlap, but they are all fun.
I'd like 8800s but they have to ditch that color and the little "tap" shoe tip.
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I love the Legend tips. I love the whole retro look of all the Legends. I wish they'd have made the 8000's blue and the 4800's orange though. The blue rocks.
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It's all about the Legend Pros. Can't wait until I get to click into those badboys...
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I'm sorry, but I can't resist. A friend today reminded me of an old story about these skis, so here goes.

My ideal quiver would be:

204cm K2 712's

That was it twenty years ago. A good pair for races and a beat-up pair for everything else. Those and the 225 Atomic DH's were the only skis I used in the 1985/86 season and I had a lot of fun. How could that ever have happened without fats, shorts, mids, longs, etc? :

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