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Loveland and/or A-Basin
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The Hole, for sure
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I think Amercians shoul;d get out more i.e Get a Passport as said before.

I've been to Squaw Valley a couple of times and it allways puzzled me how it has gained this reputation as extreme?
Perhaps it is it the size of peoples egos who promote it?

Take a trip to The Alrberg and you can ski extreme allday if you want to.

Other places of note

La Grave

For the US my vote goes

Bridger Bowl
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Best Resort WWS

JH with the Tram ......

Best inBounds and wildest OB (eg Cody & Granite Canyon to name just a few bits of OB nearby .....)
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Originally Posted by Toadman
There are some very steep terrain and chutes at Crystal, WA but most of it is hike to or backcountry non lift served. But while skiing at Breck this past weekend, I skied off the Imperial and nothing I skied at Breck came close to being as steep as Crystal. I did not ski the Lake Chutes, however. Personally, I think WB has some huge gnarly terrain.
Forgot Crystal. I've skied the backcountry there To left of High Campbell
-steep stuff and the main backcountry to right of Green Valley -not
all that steep. High Campbell lift is amazing -better than 2 1/2 to 1
ie 1 ft vertical gained per 2 1/2 ft of travel.
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obviously no one here been to L.L.--------------------
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Originally Posted by MTT
Who here has been to Squaw Valley CA. USA Of those who have been to Squaw, do you think you have been to another ski area that had more inbounds (STEEEEP) to ski than Squaw.?? They just have ridge after ridge of (OHH MT GOD) long steep runs. And drops and cliffs that are not roped off. Expert (Extreeme) skiers standing around wide eyed watching others drop into rock shutes or push of small clifts whlile they work up the courage to follow. Don't get me wrong I hate the comercial @#$%% who run Squaw Valley now, but the area is hands down the EXPERT__EXTREME) ski area on the planet. I have been to many areas North America / Swiss Alps / French Alps / Austrian Alps / BLA BLA BLA /// Every area has a run or a chute or two that is bad, But Sqauw has more of it in every shape and size. The worst thing about the place is that you can get into some very dangerous places without having to hike to it.MTT
Couldn't have said it better. I've been all over but that place scared me more times than any. The fact that they don't rate the trails just the chairs was confusing enough. When I found myself staring at a tiny cliff sign, then realizing I was at the top of one was pretty hairy. The conditions where not great and the fog made it worse. It's the only place where I didn't hit every area. No one wanted to go up K-22 with me so I skipped it. Some day I'll get back there.

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Lots to like

I'd recommend Alta/Snowbird, Whistler/Blackcomb, and Squaw.

I ski Squaw all the time, and other mountains have more area, more vert, less hype, etc. Part of the deal with Squaw is that there are skiers capable of taking lines that might be available in other places, but just aren't taken. Alternatively, a lot (but not all) of the scary lines at Squaw are right in your face, so maybe it's having a show to watch that's so impressive, whereas in other areas the lines are more hidden.

That said, I'm dying to get to Cham and St. Anton and would expect fantastic steeps there...
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Originally Posted by uncle crud
Mad River Glen, VT
Montana Snowbowl, MT
Bridger Bowl, MT
Stowe, VT
Alta, UT
Fernie, BC
Whitewater, BC
Um Crud.....aren't you breaking protocol by mentioning Snowbowl? Really folks, pay no attention to this man's ravings, Snowbowl is not more than a bunny slope.
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although, not necessarily in that order -- there remain areas of Squaw and Tuckerman's that I still need to hit.

Also still need to hit:
Jackson Hole;
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Squaw's great and all--but I'm surprise so many experts list it among the best of breed--even for Tahoe--I'd have thought Kirkwood was more to liking of most experts.

Alta--not because it's any more challenging than other hills-but there's something about this place that just encourages advanced skiers to explore and indulge--no other place quite like it.

Crested Butte hasn't shown up on enough people's lists--it's an expert's mountain to love!

Taos has been well represented on this thread and with good reason.

The Nothern Vermont Quartet of Stowe, MRG, Jay and Sugarbush serve up the finest east coast challenge--Cannon of course though in NH belongs with this venerable group.

I'm going to Jackson in two weeks--so I'll finally see what the fuss is about (can't wait).

If you're truly an expert is every ski area potentially a great mountain for experts?

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My take on best expert resort......

I like a place that you can ski steeps and difficult runs, without having to worry about dying. Someplace you can really rip it up if you need to, take some long runs without having to get all technical, and hike and dodge and sidestep.


Jackson Hole
Canyons, especially BC.

I've skied quite a bit in Europe and S. America, and I think I'm missing something. Chamonix, St. Anton, Three Valleys? What am I not getting? I didn't see anything there that compared to some of the resorts that I mentioned, as far as skiing goes. Those place are absolutely beautiful though. Is it just because I didn't know where to look? Although, in several of the places we had guides, and all the skiers in the group were experts.

Also, any Alaskan want to chime in?
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Crested Butte: North Face area has everything, biggest chunk of severe terrain I've run across inbounds.

Squaw: Scary stuff, huckmeisters dream.

Kirkwood: Plenty of steep to very steep runs.

Taos: Technical, rock walled chutes, steep trees and Kachina Peak
......Basically no snow this year, so far.

Snowbird: Massive amount of truly steep terrain, best snow.

Red Mtn, BC: Maybe the best steep trees in a North American resort.

Silverton, CO : I hear they will have unguided skiing soon, was there once, very impressive mountain, terrain monster.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
La Grave.
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Originally Posted by scaryfast
Loveland and/or A-Basin
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Originally Posted by bloxy
Major question is.
Do you mean American Experts or European Exprerts?
American Expert = " That blue square run was truley awsome, they hadd't groomed it today"
European Expert = " That 3000ft unskied decsent with crevases and frequent danger of colapsing seraks and avalanche threat was quite challenging, see you for a another run tomorow?"
I'd reverse the two.

The Europeans are experts at perfect parallel technique and apres ski.

The Americans are the ones doing the really gnarly shit.
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