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Anybody skied the Atomic SG's?

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I've had a pair of early/mid 90's Kneissl DH's, 222cm, and really had fun on them. Of course they were not all that practical, but hey...

I'm thinking of trying to get a short SG for fun. Atomic SG 195cm. I was thinking they are shorter than some old slaloms I had, so how mean can they be?

I assume they are stable, but do they ski like an old 195 at reasonable speeds?

I really like steering a ski like this through clean arcs while on edge. Easy at speed, tough without it. I think they are 33meter radius. Thats really not that big.

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Got a pair of Atomic Beta Race 10.22's in a clearance sale last year in 184 cm length. Before that used Kneissl 205 cm and then Scott in 195 cm (factory test model), both non-parabolic racing skis. Atomics turned out to be nearly as fast. Nearly...
Big difference to me was the grip on hard-pack and rough surface: more grip than kneissle and more manouvreable than Scotts.

Hope this helps.
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I think the only ones that could answer that question are to young for this forum. I know my friends daughter is a member of this form but she has only posted a few times. She's 17y/o was 7th at Nationals in SG. She's out at Mammoth this week. She skis 203 for SG and I think 215's for DH. She say's they are easy to ski, but remember she's going over 60mph.
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Inspecting the Atomic Alpine Racing catalog I can see SG 195 cm as a childrens II ski only: AO41164, radius 28.5 m.
Then there are 201/34.5, 205/36 and 209/36.5 m.
The minimum ladies´ length is 200 cm.

If I remember well the minimum radius for a ladies´GS ski was 30 meters a few years ago. Such shorter ski, not usable today, might be cheap if available.

As I already posted on some other occasions I love the 209 Fischers and ski them whenever possible. I don´t find them so difficult and manageable only in racing speeds but one´s opinion and preferences are not simply transferable and may not be relevant for another skier in different conditions.
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Hey warematt, just take into consideration that "pistonbully" is a little biased on this one, it appears he has an affiliation with Atomic, he may work for them. This may not matter to you, but you should know the background on the advice you are getting. I will most likely get slammed here for mentioning this ,but that is cool. If you buy em enjoy em to their fullest.

Keepin it real for Da Bears!
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Warematt, I own and Masters race on a pair of 2003-04 201 Atomic SG's and I love them. They are basically a big turning (ie big turn radius) soft GS ski. Unbelievably stable at speed (plus 60 cliks) and very solid in edge hold. IMHO (WC wins prove) that the Atomic line of speed skis are the best in the world. A great cruising ski.
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