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Bootfitter in N.C.?????

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Are there any good bootfitters in N.C.? I have searched the forum and looked at the Master bootfitter list compiled by all of you, I see N.C. lacking. Any recommendations would be great, me and the wife just got our new boots; really don't think we need much work, they feel wonderfully "oversnug", without hurting. Man I can't wait until next year, now all we need are those ski things, hehe.

P.S. I still want the Elan Fusion S8's!!!!
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Check out Alpine Ski Center. They have 4 locations in NC, including one at the base of Sugar Mtn.
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Thanks a lot, we are actually going to Charlotte today. Do you have any names from these shops you would recommend? Somebody I can ask for, without getting a kid (unless the kid is a good bootfitter).
Thanks, Shane.
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I just got the name of a guy (Donovan) at the the Alpine Ski Center in Banner Elk/Beech Mountain. Does anyone know his work?
I was told they do Superfeet's? And you can comeback in for boot adjustments/refinements after he does your work.
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One more time at the top, anyone have any input?
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Donovan is a good guy and a great fitter. He is manager of the Banner Elk store (base of Sugar Mt.) What you were told is true. They do use Superfeet, and you can come back for adjustments. When you purchase new boots from Alpine, they have a "boot fit guarentee", meaning they will continue to adjust until they are perfect. Many of the employees attend boot fitting clinics each season.
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My favorite fitter in the area is Brian Britton at Extreme Snowboard and Ski, it's more or less across the road from Alpine.

Donovan Carroll is also excellent, as noted above. The main difference between the two, I think, is that Donovan is a Superfeet person and Brian is an Instaprint person. Instaprints work better for my foot, so I go to Brian.

I think either of these guys is honest enough to know if their given footbed isn't going to work with your foot, and direct you accordingly. Both are the managers of their respective stores, and both get a bunch of area instructor business. Beware of anyone else in either store, though. There are a couple of guys at Extreme that are good, but it's kind of luck of the draw. I am not familiar with any staff at Alpine other than Donovan.

For reference, Extreme sells Atomic and Lange boots, while Alpine sells mostly Salomon and Rossi boots. If you're modifying your existing shells, it might make sense to go to the store that sells that shell as they will be more familiar with the little wierd things about each one.

You really can't go wrong with either, but make sure you call and book an appointment first as they are busy. If you go to Extreme, tell them Phillip Sink at French-Swiss sent you.
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Deezam and PupManS you have come threw for me, thanks. I knew putting this thread back up would payoff!!! Thanks so much. I just got back from App. like 30min. ago. Could not wait until next season to ski my new boots, but it did take an hour for the toe numbness to go away, hello bootfitter!!! I am sure you know they blew snow the last two nights; it was not bad at all. I have heard good things about Donovan, but I don't think they sell Tecnica. I was told the shop across from them did, so this is perfect. I will have to call Donovan and Brian and see which one wants to work on the Tecnica, I am sure Donovan would tell me to go across the street if they don't do Tecnica. I will have to tell them they come highly regarded from some EPIC members. I am just glad to learn I do not have to go to Colorado to get my boot's fitted. Thank you all!!!!!
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If you have a technica, I would recommend Brian. Ski Country is one of the ski shops across the road from Alpine, and they sell Technica. Brian was the lead bootfitter there before he opened his own shop next door, so he does a lot of work on Technica boots. Ski Country itself has an ok fitter by the name of Dane. I've heard he's ok but I have no experience with him myself.

I know about the new snow at App, I teach there [img]smile.gif[/img] Next time you're out there ask for Phillip Sink with the ski school!

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Phillip thanks for the info, hate I missed ya that day. Maybe you could have helped me get my turns down. I could not resist that day going down HardCore, my first Black!!! Only over turned once, and spun around once. Looked good doing it, not. Butt all up in the air, but I made tolerable transitions on most of my other turns. I was in my new Tecnica's (numb toes the first couple of runs). Lot of boot for me. I just spoke with Peter Keelty of Tech Support for Skiers and he told me about Mike Tambling who is a Master Bootfitter just over in South Carolina, but Brian sounds really good, and is near a mountain (big plus I would think). Just want to get our boots right before we try to progress anymore with our mad skills (soon to come).
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