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This takes a while to load and it's about 9 minutes long, but it's really neet to watch this guy create things with sand.
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Wow, what an incredible artist! Thanks for sharing that Bonni.
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That's incredible! Thanks for posting the link. I needed that today!
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WOW. I can't even draw a good stick man.

Anyone else remember Rolf Harris, the Australian entertainer.

He'd come on stage with a couple of 4" house painters brushes, and 4 or 5 gallons of house paint. He'd tell a story while slapping paint up on a wall, and by the end of it he had a picture. Then he'd sing a song related to the picture. I was a kid, and can still remember I could never tell what he was drawing until the last few strokes. Then it all came together, as if by magic. I always used to watch him when he was going to be on in Canada.

There's also that photograph of Picasso, drawing a bull with light. That's a cool one too.

I really envy those with artistic talent of any kind.
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That was very cool!

I saw something that was just a quick blurb on tv a couple of years ago. This guy was throwing paint up on a white screen, that must have been 10 feet tall by 8 feet wide. He just kept throwing all different colors of paint at the screen. It seemed really random. Then, at the end, he spun the screen 180 degrees (top to bottom, like a propeller) and it was an amazing portait of Jimmi Hendrix!
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