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While searching for more on "interlodge" I came across a page from the town of Alta. Basically all the work that the Town Marshal does. Some of it is pretty funny reading ("The fire alarm was activated at the helgate condos when French tourists burned their dinner..."

or "December 27, 2004 4:17 pm. the Deputy happened upon two 16 year olds not wearing any clothing in the back of a parked car near the phone building. The parents of the young couple were notified of the incident."

or "October 22, 2004 Another day spent chasing snowboarders off of private property."

or "February 12, 2003 8:48 pm. County Fire responded to the Rustler Lodge to give medical assistance to a 23 year old Lodge employee who attempted to slow down the spin cycle on a front loading industrial washing machine with his foot. His foot slipped and got caught in the spinning laundry, twisting his leg, breaking his tibia and fibula. The patient was transported to hospital by ambulance.") Ah, life in a small town....

Sorry to keep adding these, but this one is the best yet....

"April 18, 2004 The last day of the ski season went as well as it could. There’s always a lot of partying going on and this year was no exception. One guy in particular really stood out. This Park City resident was very intoxicated, believe it or not he was actually disrupting the celebration. The Deputy was able to obtain some information from him and went in search of his friends to drive him home. In the meantime he took to his feet again, stumbling around annoying people, got sick and puked in the goggles hanging around his neck. Gee, I sure hope the last day of the season was a memorable experience for him. "