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What should I demo

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May get to his the 12" coming down right now in the Colorado Rockies tomorrow; if not, will ski on Sunday. So conditions will either be powder or packed powder. With that in mind, of the following, what should I demo?

5 stars
Atomic's (which ones? most are available)
Pocket Rockets (other Solomon?)

Can only demo one at a time unless someone knows a secret to trying out more in a day without spending the $20 - $30 per demo.
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Go to Loveland. You can demo 3 in a day for about $30. The shop there should have demos in most of the models on your list. The demo fee goes as a credit against the purchase price if you decide to buy from them.

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I really like the Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel and the Elan 666. The Nordica is more damp (you do not feel every bump) and it is easier to make short turns. The Elan has a wonderful pull across the hill during your turn initiation.

With respect to fat skis you can do better than the Pocket Rockets (even though I own them).

Good luck; have fun.
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