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Need Ski Advice for My Wife

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I want to take advantage of the end of season ski sales and get my wife a new pair of skis. She's a lower level intermediate skier that likes groomed blues and just at the bare beginnings of learning to carve a turn, and loves to ski. She has taken a number of lessons and while her technique is good her instructors are now urging her to be more aggressive down the fall line. She is 5', 130 lb. and physically strong, I'm looking at the K2 T:Niine Sweet Luv in 146, 153 and 160...with 153 the most likely choice. She demoed a number of skis over the winter, but according to her she liked them all, I suspect she is at a level that differances in skis are hard for her to notice. Basicly I'm just looking for a ski that she will enjoy and be easy to progress on. Would like opinions on the K2's or any other ski I should consider.

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I saw some Atomic Femme Fatales in a 160 length at mgear.com (I think) for around $200.00 - This is a fairly softer-flexing midfat beginner/intermediate ski that I am considering getting for my girlfriend (also a relatively low level intermediate skiier).

Just another ski to consider at a discounted price...
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Getting the right length ski is going to help your wife more than getting the perfect model. I think it would be a major mistake to get her anything longer than a 150, since her height is 5'. If she's timid, too long skis are just going to be another obstacle in the way of her becoming more confident and aggressive. Having too long skis also makes a knee injury more likely. There aren't many skis at the short end of the range, unfortunately, but there are some good ones. I learned on Atomic E-5's, and they worked well for me, but my skiing style may have been different at that stage than your wife's. It would be a good idea for your wife to demo any ski you are considering. If you want to get the K-2's, and you know she likes them, then that's probably fine, but why not get her the 146's?
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Atomic C9s

I've seen some women's C9s on EBay for less than $300. It would be a great ski for your wife.

Check it out!

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