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Echo Lake Ski Resort, Tahoe

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Any old Tahoe hat here?
I have passed the Echo Lake entrance many times but never went in, still thinking of the old days when it was a ski area. What happened to Echo Summit after its closure?
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We used to go to S. Shore all the time, but I don't recall what happened there. All I remember is the sign at Echo Summit that said, "Eat at PowWow's and get gas!"
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The ski area was called "Ski Echo" for most of the time it was open. Small area, with some great steeps. No snowmaking (if I remember correctly) and lots of very sharp rocks. It really took quite a bit of snow to make it real skiable.

Again, if my memory serves me, it closed down for financial reasons about 1983-84. As I left the Lake in 1985, I never heard if it opened again. Many of the instrs who worked there are still in the South Tahoe area- at Heavenly, Kirkwood, Ski Sierra, etc.
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I guess they cannot compete with the big ones, we used to ski there every year for two to three years back in the 70's, they had cross country also. With the real estate so expensive today, I am wondering if some one had developed that area into condos, homes or some thing.
I was hoping some one live there will answer.
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