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NJ Ski Area Patches

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Does anyone have any NJ ski area patches?

Scans of them would be appreciated. You can e-mail them to: holste@netrom.com

Also if anyone has any pictures of the old Peapack ski area those would be great also.
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Hi and welcome to Epic ski! Check out this link to the history of Great Gorge (Mountain Creek South). There is a patch displayed on their page toward the bottom, and also one from Vernon Valley too.

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When I saw this thread, I thought, "Perfect! Patches is a much better name than Resorts for those little NJ ski areas."
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And just how many mountains are there in D.C. ? Unless of course you mean the other Washington.

In the 60's, I spent three nights a week skiing at one of those patches and was so glad it was there. I just looked at it as having a "gym" to work out in and at $1.50 a night it was the greatest deal in the world. Belle Mountain ... all 150 feet of it.

I just like to ski and have never judged a hill by the vertical or, by the apres aspects.

I did ski the Peapack area one afternoon. For something like fifty cents you could buy a trip up the rope tow .... might have been twenty five cents? They were like theater tickets. My wife broke her leg at Peapack ... thanks for stirring up the ashes.
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Check out our own skierteach's website....it's a wealth of information, not to mention just plain fun to read!

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Thanks for the plug Bonni! Actually, the New Jersey ski patches I have on my site, for the most part, are from NJSkiBabe, as are some of the things posted on the site Marta posted. NJSkiBabe is working on a very special project and needs other patches and NJ memorabilia to add to it.

I do have a scan of this patch though (from another contributor)
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Thanks for the replies so far. I have already checked out the suggested websites and web pages.

Whether I'm skiing at a huge ski resort or at a ski "patch" - in my book - any time spent skiing on the snow is still considered skiing - it doesn't matter where it's done.

Just a little something to keep in mind - the famous 1992 Olympic Gold Medal mogul skier (Donna Weinbrecht) (the first ever Gold medal for Olympic mogul skiing also!) and the famous 2002 Olympic snowboard silver medalist (Danny Kass) were born in New Jersey!

Guess growing up skiing and snowboarding at those New Jersey ski "patches" isn't such a bad thing.
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Can you tell us what areas you have?

Do you have a list of the areas and locations?

I'll start keeping watch for some. I don't think Belle Mountain ever had a patch.
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NJ Ski Patches

Unfortunately I can't tell you all of the ones I am looking for patches for. It would ruin something I am working on.

Here's a short list of the ones I am still looking for:

Belle Mountain
Holly Mountain
Ski Mountain
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I don't think you will find one for Belle. They did not have a lodge or shop, nor did they have any merchandise with logos on them.
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