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Whistler next week

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I'm heading to Whistler on Monday for my first ever trip out west, and I was hoping that you guys could give me some tips about the terrain. I consider myself a good skier, any places that I definitely shouldn't miss? Places that I should stay away from? Thanks
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climb the spanky's ladder and get into the back bowls, you will have chutes, cliffs and steeps.
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One more question. I saw Flute Bowl labeled as "Inbounds Backcountry". What exactly does this mean? Is it hike in? Hike out?
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You basically take about a 15-30 minute walk/hike from Harmony Chair off a cat track. It's not a bad hike. Usually there is a path already compacted from everyone that has gone there before you. It's definitely some of the best snow, though, I've experienced at Whistler in my five years of going there.

You will also have to hike out to a cat track (Sidewinder). This was another 15 minute walk/hike for me.
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