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Xscream series 187 too long? Bindings? Boots?

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I am 5'9" and weigh 165lbs. There's some good deals for 187cm Xscream series, so I am wondering if I should just buy them. I demoed 179's and they were fine, but I didn't get to try 187's.

Anyone recommend a good set of bindings for Xscream series..? I figure I'll just get Salomon bindings..

More importantly, how about boots? The pair that I own are uncomfortable and my toes are always cold. I am considering on spending a good deal of money on boots since I figure if I have a good pair, I won't have to worry about the annoying discomfort problems that arise everytime I ski, ever. I have heard foam injected boots are very nice.. around $1000 might be a bit too much.. I'll probably limit to around $500 - $600. thanks! This forum has been very informative.

Btw, I tried K2 modX last season and they were very stable, but just refused to make quick turns. Wide carving turns were no problem.. very nice actually. They might have been a bit longer than what I would have liked (188cm). It sucked on bumps too.
Maybe I didn't ski them right.
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The Xsream series is great ski.However if you did not like the modx in moguls then,you won't like this ski either.The x sream has a slightly stiffer tail then the modx.A really good skier knows how to use that energy and make it work to thier benefit.Other then being difficult in bumps I liked that ski a lot.As for bindings thier are some good deals out thier on last years bindings.And as far as boots go find a boot fitter in your area.Don't worry about brand as much as what fits and works for you.

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the diference in feel between the 179 and the 187 is huge. At least, that was my take on the series as well as the 9. I wanted a size in between, really. The longer will be much more damp and a better cruiser at speed and better busting crud and powder. The 179 was a riot of a bump ski and seemed to weigh pounds less.<FONT size="1">

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I have to agree with Astrochimp, If you didn't get a chance to demo both, there is a good chance you will be suprised at the difference. you get in the back seat of the 187 and it's all over. ..

I demo'ed both and prefered the 187. I wanted an all mountain ski over a bump ski so it worked out. I just have to work harder in the bumps.

By the way, level 9 PSIA (according to 1 instructor, but I think I have a long way to go) but conservative skier. 160lbs 5'8"
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astrochimp is right! I'm 5'9" and 225 lbs. and I'm skiing on 180s (can't believe it myself...). I skied the Mod X and Mod X Pro in the 181 and 188 and preferred the 181s. You can turn the longer skis in any turn shape, but you've got to steer them a lot harder. More work with not a lot of stability or speed gained. At my size, and the way I ski, I can push a ski out of shape in a hurry. I think you'll be happier on the shorter ski. BTW, I used to ski 205 and 207 GS skis...
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If you're gonna spend money on boots, first find out which manufacturers' make boots in a volume last that is close to the shape of your foot (wide toebox, wide or narrow heel, high instep, high or low cuff - calf and lower leg size, etc...) and try on as many as you can. Try to find a shop that has a good rep for bootfitting. Since you ski in UT a lot, you can get some good recommendations here...I had mine fitted at Surefoot in PC. Once you find a boot that feels right to you, and is the proper level for your ability, spend the extra money and have custom insoles made. Done properly, insoles can make your boots fit like a glove, correct any physical anamolies, and help your boots and skis perform better. Insoles and fitting may even correct any problems you're having with your current boots. Most foam liners are available only in race boots...
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