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K2 Axis vs. Escape 5500

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I went to the ski store today and asked about the Escape 5500. I told the salesman that I am an intermediate to advanced skiier. For those of you who are in the NY Metro area, I can comfortably ski down any trail at Camelback or Hunter Mtn. Not in a really fast, agressive manner, but I can get down reasonably well.

He recommended the Axis for me, saying that I will improve beyond the abilities of the 5500. I don't plan to ski more than 10 or 15 days a year, so I don't know how much improvement to expect.

There is a $100 price differential between the two skis. I would appreciate any advice from people who have tried one or both skis!!

By the way - I'm 5'11", 160 lb, and athletic (marathon runner).

Thanks in advance!

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I own and ski the K2 Mod 7/8, which is the same as the Axis in a different color. I have seen but never skied the current 5500. From my experience with the Mod 7/8 [Axis] and from what I've read, the big attraction of the 5500 is that, ya, it skis nice, and it COST LESS. But the Axis will get you through ALL snow, while the 5500 doesn't have either the girth ot the guts for that. I have felt so stable and confident on the Mod 7/8 [Axis], so going fast is no threat. I have found them very easy turners, easy to balance on, and will go through or over anything that's skied. Unless $100 is really, really important to you - I mean, really, REALLY important - then for heavens sake be nice to yourself and get the Axis. For an athlete of your height and weight, the 174 length would be ideal. I have the 174, but I just got the EXACT SAME ski - same color, same name, same model year - but in a 167 length, since I weigh 140 to 145 and I do NOT run marathons. It just so happens that my 174's are for sale. $199 US plus shipping without the bindings, or $325 US plus shipping with the bindings left on. The skis are in really good shape, used less than a season and only in good snow. The bindings look mint - they're Look P7 [this year called the Look P10] in a DIN of 3 to 10. My e-mail is bgreene@law66.com
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Oboe, we have deffinitly got to get you on some new skis Just kidding. Actually, i was going to recommend the same ski as you did, as the 7/8 (performance wise) seems to be right in the middle of the two he was looking at. I dont know what the difference between the 5500 and 7/8 is in relation to ice, but i would be willing to bet that the 7/8 is better mainly because it has beefier mod construction on it. Oboe knows best. Now i deffinitly want to try skiing on these skis just to see how good they really are... hmmmm size reccommendation oboe?? im thinkin 174 or 181... I'll snag a pair fromt he local shop for a weekend and let ya knwo what i think, youve got me interested now.
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Go with what oboe said, The 7/8, now axis is vary underrated ski.I you are looking to save some money check out ebay I have seen a lot of last seasons 7/8 for sale there. Also other net retailers like Al's ski barn and untracked.com have last seasons 7/8 for about 1/2 price.Keep looking around and take your prices to your local shop. most shops will deal.Since you are on the east coast and there isn't any snow i am sure they could use the cash flow.So any sale as long as they make a little profit is a good sale.
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However, I doubt you'll find as good a deal as I am offering, espeially if you include the bindings. I don't think you're going to find a ton of last year's Mod 7/8 left over in the stores. But I'm here for whomsoever may be interested. bgreene@law66.com
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Atta boy oboe!
Let me offer you some help in selling those skis. Next time you go to pitch them, post a Photo with sexy model in a bikini hold them up and pointing out the skis best features.I have found that a female model work best
By the way The deal you are offering is pretty sweet, I should have clairified in my 1st post,if he were looking for something other then a 174 cm.

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Hey all,

Thanks for your help. The money isn't really a big issue for me. So I think I will head over to a shop that is offering a package deal on the Axis with a set of Tyrolia TD8 bindings.

I guess it's just me, but I'm not entirely comfortable buying used skis. But Oboe, your price is excellent, compared to some of the other used skis I've seen for auction on eBay. I think if you put your skis up for auction, you have a very good chance of making more than you are asking for. And if you set a reserve price at the minimum that you are willing to sell for, you have nothing to lose!

Got a sharpening question, but I'll post it in a separate thread.

Thanks again for everyone's help. Happy skiing!

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Of course, I'm heartbroken about your decision to buy new (sob) BUT: You're making the right decision on the kind of skis yu're buying - it is doubtful you'll outgrow the K2 Axis anytime soon. Remember, though, they're wider, so be careful about the length . . . on the other hand, where YOU ski, it may be less crticial unless you spend some time in the trees. Then, when iin doubt betwen two lengths, go with the shorter length. Now, about the bindings . . . would you consider Look Pivots? Not mine, I mean new ones. On the other hand, if the package deal has a huge savings when it includes the Tyrolias, no sweat. You're gonna love the K2 Axis!

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Hi there,

I put down the credit card today and made the purchase. Actually, from another store w/o a package deal. I went to a store that had the Axis for $399. It's $100 off with a trade-in. This is on any ski, too, not just the Axis. This is Pelican Ski in Morris Plains, for those who are interested.

And the best part is that I didn't have anything to trade in, heh heh.

Got a set of Salomon S810 Axe bindings for $169, a free area lift ticket, and poles (not free). Not bad.

I know I'll be happy with the ski, so thanks for everyone's advice. Oboe, good luck in selling your ski!

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Actually, Mike, I'm selling TWO skis.

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