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Xmas or Feb for Beaver Creek?

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Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. We've decided to go to beaver Creek. The question is Xmas or feb vacation week? Xmas is a lot more expensive, but ignoring that fact, would february actually be better weather or snow wise?
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Skip X-mas. Feb is your time.
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went last year to BC in feb. and it was great. we skied the whole mountain. around christmas, they may not have great coverage and may not have all trails open yet. unless you want to be there at christmas, go in feb.; and have lunch outside at arrowhead, definitely neat setting.

vails monthly totals, 30 min. from BC:
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Just for reference Skidad, Vail is about 5 miles from BC and they get virtually the same snow. However, BC gets MUCH less traffic than Vail and the snow holds a lot longer. I skied there Saturday and had fresh powder in the trees all day long. Its great there!
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It could be good either time, but Feb. is most assured of providing good conditions.
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Feb is better than Xmas everywhere.
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Yup, February is always better than X-Mas everywhere. And March is better than that. It doesn't matter as much at Beaver Creek - they have a ton of groomed runs, and groomers in Dec. are the same as groomers in Feb.
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Save your money and go in February.
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My advice would be February as well. Just be careful for President's Weekend... It'll be a zoo then!
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Originally Posted by vail snopro
My advice would be February as well. Just be careful for President's Weekend... It'll be a zoo then!
Snopro, I disagree... BC is NEVER crowded. I was there this past Pres Weekend (and MLK weekend) and there was barely a line anywhere. Vail, on the other hand... that's another story.
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I lived on the front range for about 8 years and BC was my favorite day trip. Great terrain and nobody is ever there. I do not recollect ever waiting in a lift line at the Grouse Mountain lift, and I have fond memories of skiing powder with the only tracks being the tracks from my previous runs.

I also recommend Blue Sky at Vail on a slow day, just do not get caught there at the end of a busy day unless you want to wait an hour to get back up the bowls to the front side.
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February is a great time to ski in Colorado. It's not brutally cold like December and January, and by then there have been a couple decent storms(usually) so the snowpack is starting to deepen up. Some of the best overrall trips I've been on took place in February. No crowds, that's for sure. But, you're still missing out on all the snow that falls in March.
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Ha, remember we ski in NE. Brutally cold is pretty much what we get. Any day above 15-20F seems warm to me.

Originally Posted by jtq_99
It's not brutally cold like December and January
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I agree with what's been posted already. Christmas can have great snow some years and not so great on other years. This past Christmas 2004 was not so great. It actually started dumping a few days after the holidays, but up to that point the cover was pretty light. By February, the entire mountain is covered and you should hope for a few dumps while you're here.

All things relative, Christmas/New Years and Presidents weeks are the busiest at the Beav, but it's not hard to escape the crowds once you get up Chair 6. Whenever you choose to come, you'll have a great time at Beaver Creek.
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we were in vali/bc this past christmas (18-24, actually).
snow depth was about 36in. enough to cover most runs.
snow quality was amazingly good.
some runs still had shrubs.
off piste on the front side (north facing) was not bad.
off piste on the back bowls - wasn't great.

BC snow quality was good too.
crowds were not a problem.
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