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Explosivs in the Spring?

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Hey you Explosiv pilots – you know who I’m talking about. Looks like I’m going to get 4 days of Spring skiing in and around Breckenridge this next weekend.

They got some new snow recently, but by the time I get there it’ll be at least a week since the last snowfall. The forecast looks like bluebird days with temps into the mid 40’s during the day, and dropping into the low 20’s at night.

I’ve skied the Explosivs in every “new snow” condition , but with temps like that I know I’m looking at soft snow, slush, corn, glazed, and flash frozen.

I have a pair of mid fats (77mm) and the Explosivs. My question is would you bother schlepping along the Explosivs? (I know, blasphemy).
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FWIW, my experience (at least here in the mid-Atlantic) is that when it is in the mid-40's in the day, and then drops into the low 20's at night, the maximum thickness of the soft snow / slush layer never really gets all that deep (ie, never more than 2-3 inches), so I do just fine on my "normal" teaching skis (121-66-106, this past season).

OTOH, when it starts getting into the mid-50's in the day and never gets below 35 - 40 F at night, the snowpack starts to become isothermal, and the thickness of the soft layer can be over 6 inches. In fact, in some conditions, I've seen it so bad that my boots can posthole in up past the top of the cuff in the deep slurpee-like slurry of snow and water.

When the soft top layer gets more than a few inches deep, and everybody is complaining about the miserable, heavy snow, while I can ski it on my normal skis, I usually switch over to my Explosives and my enjoyment goes from "just OK" to experiencing some of the best skiing of the season.

For the last 2 weeks of this past season, our daily temps hovered somewhere between the above two cases. I taught afternoons and evenings, and often skied my Explosivs during the day and switched over to my normal skis around 5 or 6 PM when I stopped for dinner. I didn't absolutely have to switch between two different skis, but gearhead that I am, I found it fun to do so. Besides, it's even more fun to trick my buddies into trying to do sideslip drills on their 65 mm skis in deep slop, when I find them trivial to do on my Explosivs in the same conditions. :evil:

The bottom line is that I don't think you will really *need* to bring your Explosivs, but of course:

1) Everybody's MMV;
2) It may warm up more than you expect; and,
3) Why not bring them? You'll forget the schlepping involved as soon as you get to the resort.

Tom / PM

PS - Another plus for the Explosivs: In flash-frozen ruts and other forms of coral reef, I find their width and greater sidecut radius (less twitchy) to be somewhat helpful. OTOH, they clank and make so much noise on such surfaces, it drives me nuts. I think I'm going to have to glue some sound absorbent foam onto mine. I'm sure that will really get me the reputation I deserve.
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For really deep slush the Explosives work excellent. Just don't expect it to excell early morning when snow is still frozen up, but after that.......
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On my CMH Explosives, spring sun-cup skis like firm snow.
Rotten snow is floated over and piles of mashed potatoes are pleasant launch sites.

That said, I'm bringing the G4's for this comming week in Sum- mat county, Vail, Copper etc. Cause i don't want to look like a poser!

Besides, the G4's are "wide enough"

I think the Explosiv is a GREAT spring ski, Check my posts on this from a couple years back! They grip and rip the morning hard pack and are "just soft enough" for the daytime bumps.

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Explosiv is great in spring conditions.
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