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Did the rain kill VT?

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I flew back to the states on Friday, and had a great weekend skiing so. VT. I'm back overseas for the week, but am flying home for the weekend, figuring I only have 2 weekends left before everything slams shut. I watched with dismay as I saw the rain hammering the NE on Monday. Are the conditions wrecked? Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to go. I'd just like to know what to expect.
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There was plenty of snow at Stowe yesterday. It was slushy, but it was there. They are now saying May 1 closing, and they have a Rail Jam scheduled for Memorial Day.
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Conditions are still decent at Sugarbush as well...the top of the mountain kept to sleet on Monday. Coverage is still excellent. Temps here last night were around the mid 20s, so they were able to get a jump on stuff and groom, I would think (saw lights up on the hill last night)
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Just book a ticket to Utah. We're getting hammered. Alta has almost a 200" base right now....

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Jay didn't get as much rain as predicted. No downpour, but steady light rain. The snow there is still doing OK, coverage still very good. Today, it will be warm, in the 50s at the base and 40s at the summit, but should go below freezing at night. It is supposed to be warm for the rest of the week. The snow OFF the mountain is pretty much toast, so driving up, don't freak!

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anyone know how NH is doing after the rain? specifically, I'm looking for info. about Loon.
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I skied Mount Snow today and it was slushy and some bare patches were starting to emerge. Beautiful sunny day though. That is it for me this year, the slushy snow is too dangerous and exhausting to deal with.

In case anyone is interested, watch out for speed traps in and around Wilmington, Vermont. As soon as you approach the "town" area their may be a cop waiting right at the sign where the speed limit is lowered dramatically.
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I talked to someone who skied Mad River today and they said it was excellent, one of the best days of the year

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I've got this weekend booked already for Sugarbush, can't cancel out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed too and hoping the weather reports prove wrong :. My son's dying to try out his new snowboard. Jay is still decent?
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As far as I know, Jay is still decent. Classic spring skiing, from what I hear.

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It's raining...again

in the Mad River Valley. I hope it clears up before this weekends festivities at Sugarbush, but I have a feeling it will only get worse.
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I skied Gore yesterday and the top of the mountain was beautiful spring skiing. Trying to get to the base, however, was painful. Way thin and/or bare under the gondola.
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It's supposed to absolutely pour rain this weekend up here. Talking 2-4" of rain. Flood watches already posted Sorry...not an April Fools joke.
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Jay got a mix of rain and snow overnight and into this morning. At the moment, it's not raining, but there is more rain and snow in the forecast for Saturday into Sunday, and snow on Monday. Guess it's not a real Beach Party without getting wet...

And yes, forecast for lower elevations is all rain, with flood watches. ACK!

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Rain Monday/Tuesday didn't hurt too bad. Mt. Snow was excellent the last two days, 98% coverage, a few brown spots, that's it. Still, we got 2-4" of rain coming Fri/Sat/Sun so who knows.
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Been here at Jay since Sunday - good Spring conditions inspite of rain on Monday and last night (it was colder than expected and the top third or so of the mountain got a dusting of snow last night). Can't say how things will hold up if they get all the rain that's forecasted this weekend.
post #17 of 25's pouring here in the MR Valley right now...
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I hope there's gonna be somethin left for next weekend. I'm making my first trip to here's to cold weather and sunshine for the next week!
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email from Windham this afternoon at about 2 PM:
Due to unexpectedly heavy and consistent rains, Windham Mountain closed this afternoon and will not be open on Sunday as planned. Crews are on the mountain right now doing trench work to make sure the water drains properly - and not into our base lodge! Apologies to anyone who hoped to ski or ride on Sunday, but the storm's impact on trail conditions present a safety concern and we doubt that anyone would enjoy the experience.
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Yes..we got some rain. Skiing will continue in northern Vermont. When the sun comes out it should be worth it. Still plenty of cover.

You can always check the live cam at the Bush and see for yourself. Gives a nice shot of the base of Mt Ellen(North). click Live Cam on top right of page.
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It is a little late, but here is my music video of my Vermont trip from Connecticut if anyone is interested. Broadband only, please scroll all the way down after the link.

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They are saying maybe a foot of snow at Jay today. Are any of the tree runs open up there still? I am considering making my first trip up there this weekend depending on how mad river looks this coming weekend.

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Alfonse, we skied Jay yesterday. Snow conditions were quite good, very spring-like and wet, coverage overall was good too with only some trails showing bare spots. Didn't get much rain during the day, a few sprinkles here and there, mostly overcast but even had some brief sunshine. Yes, many glades are still open. They closed some of them because snow was heavy and grippy, creating rather dangerous conditions if you couldn't get your ski to turn, but the hope is the snow we are supposed to get will open everything back up. Let's hope for that foot of snow, or more...

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Nice, well if we get up there I would love to see how to ski some glades Northern Vermont style! Let me know if you are going to be up there.....

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Alfonse, I'm not sure if we'll go skiing next weekend or not. Depends on what kind of weather we end up getting. PM me later in the week. I'd love to give you a tour of the mountain if I'm there.

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