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Ivana Trump's racing career

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The DH thread mentioned Ivana's ski racing, and I think I read a snippet about it in People Magazine many years ago. I really could care less, but was the tabloid - jewelry - golddigger really a decent racer? How many years ago was that and what did she do?

Was she some poor Chech mountain girl who snuck out of Eastern Europe and worked her way into the Donald's wallet? Can't fault her ambition...
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i tried to find this out once because some robot on one of those celebrity worship shows was yapping about how they met at the 1976 montreal olympics...
ding ding ding what the heck was an alpine skier doing at the summer olympics?
i'm guessing golddigger...
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A little googling reveals that her maiden name was Zelnicek, and that while she had success as a Czech junior team member, she didn't make the '72 olympic team, and then emigrated, spending some time as a jr. racing coach at Jay Peak before meeting the Donald at Aspen.
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Ivana Zelnickova from Gottwaldov/Czechoslovakia (formerly and now again Zlin, the city where Bata founded his shoe factory) was among some good junior racers but not among the best.
I came across some results in old Czech magazines (can´t look it up again, they were not mine) and as an example found her on the 3rd place in a J-DH but about 10 seconds behind the winner.
(Those were the days, my friends, the 60s with Marker Simplex turntable, a few girls/ladies racing and full seconds between them...
Btw, the years when Annemarie Moser went to her first training camp in dirndl and when she had home-knitten mittens on in her first-ever worldcup race.)

She (Ivana, not Annemarie) married a certain Winkelmayer, probably mainly to be able to leave the country, got a divorce and somehow came to America.

There were no Czech alpine racers at the 1972 Nagano Olympics and she was never on any national team as an adult racer.
I don´t know much about her but have seen the movie "For Love Alone" based on a book by herself.
It´s just a story, by no means a biography.

There are people who were her ski buddies back then. If I can get a neighbor of mine talking I might hear some very intimate details - at least he claims so.
Even if learned something I would be clever enough to keep it to myslelf. Sorry, folks!
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