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Finding the right boots, skis, poles - help needed

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Hi! I posted last night about whether the price I was given for a pair of skis was fair. Boy did I get a lot of responses! Very helpful ones too. I'm going about finding ski equipment a bit differently now, on advice I recieved. I'm hoping that you here can help me determine what kind of equipment I'm looking for.

I'll start with my physical stats. I'm almost exactly 165 cm tall, and weigh about 120 pounds. Yes, I am indeed pretty small. When renting, I started on 150s, but moved up to 160s, which seemed a bit more appropriate to my height, as well as more stable.

What I'm looking for is pretty general. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just fairly easy to use skis that will let me handle most any trail on your average mountain. I have no intention of taking either double black diamond trails or skiing the bumps, though it might be good to have skis that can take the stress of moguls.

Though I am about a Level 5 or so (I am 100% parallel, can turn and stop pretty proficiently, but need to work on pole plants, rythm, and make my turns rounder) I know that I will not stay there forever, and indeed may not be there long at all since I have learned very quickly so far. So I guess I'm looking at skis that are appropriate for someone of my level, but will continue to be appropriate as I gain in proficiency. I'm not sure what that entails.

If you want me to provide more information, simply ask. I appreciate any help you can give me. I am also looking for good boots and poles. Thanks!

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A few questions:

-What is your desired price range for each (skis, boots)?
-New or Used?
-What terrain do you mostly ski?
-What turn type do you prefer? short slalom, or long arcs?
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Hey, Bears!!!! Let's find a way to help this kid out! How often have we seen a young person, this articulate and mature, and passionate about skiing, who has to find a way to get his own equipment?! So, what can we do?
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Oboe, you're making me blush, see? [img]redface.gif[/img]

To answer your questions, I'm definitely in the market for used equipment, since my means are pretty limited. I'd like to try and get a decent pair of skis for as little as is reasonable. Under $100 is optimal, which I know will make the search for quality skis harder, but I don't have much to spend. For boots, I'm looking for a 27 or 27.5, and a price range of 20 to 30 dollars for good boots would be excellent, but I expect to have to pay up to 50 dollars if necessary.

I tend to ski pack, though I can expect to run into fresh, deeper stuff. I would call it powder, but it's New England snow which... isn't. As to style, I can't say that I have a developed preference for a given type of turn, due to my lack of experience. I think I would prefer to stay away from shorter slalom turns and go for the longer arcs. This is both because I'm learning and because I would like to pursue a looser, more relaxed style than the hard turning of slalom.

That's all I can come up with for now. I guess the thing to do now is wait and see what help you can give me, and if you want to know any more about me or how I like to ski, feel free to ask.

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50 bucks for boots is going to be tough, unless you find a ski swap or go to ebay. But then, I wouldn't buy a ski boot online unless I had gone to a shop and found out what worked for me first.

Maybe you should do that. Go to a ski shop, get fit for boots but don't by anything. You'll learn some stuff. Talk with the boot fitter about what you are after etc, but maybe don't tell him you only want to spend $50! then hit the internet or swaps and see if anything out there gets close to what a professoinal thinks would be best for you and your budget, skil, etc.
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Thanks for the advice astrochimp.
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