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Stranded on ski lift

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Just saw this article on the net. Any bears familiar with this French resort know how this could have happened?

http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_i...933084 62F652
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Happened at West Mt. in Glens Falls, NY several years ago. Upon complete investigation it finally came out that the two stranded skiers had "ducked the rope" and got on the chair after they had put out the closed sign. Top man skied down rather than rode the chair down so never saw the pair on their way up. When "last chair" got to the top, he phoned down, shut down, and skied down.
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Also happened in Austria a few years back. There was a mother with two small children. When she realized there was no one to help them she jumped down and with injuries got some help - otherwise they would have hardly survived the night.
I don´t remember the details. Maybe extremcarver will.

Two more comments:
- that´s also why I love the T-bars
- a cell phone, often a nuisance, is sometimes quite useful
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Geez, you think whether the top man rides or skis down, someone would eyeball the lift after they turn it off!
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Damn, my sister was just there last week. I'm glad it was no one from her group. That must of sucked pretty bad...
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Originally Posted by jstraw
Geez, you think whether the top man rides or skis down, someone would eyeball the lift after they turn it off!
You would also think that someone would stay at the loading area until the lift is shut down. All kinds of bad things could happen when the lift is not being monitored.
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I've seem them (lift operators) raise the seat of each and every chair as the chairs come around the loading point, then when the chair with the raised seats make a complete loop up and back (or eben just at the top), there's no one stuck on the lift.

In hindsight, I guess you can only do this on chairs with seats that raise, and on lifts that are not enormously long.
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They probably ducked the rope after the last chair. Yes, you would hope the lifties would check... But after they say "no more" it's best not to test them on double checking.
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No chance for this to happen on a chairlift with detachable seats which get parked overnight.

That´s the lift I have my homebase at. Another advantage: the seats have to be re-hung each morning which takes some time. This process starts at 7 and it gives me as much as 1-1.5 hours to ski before other people but a few insiders appear.

I´m dead sure it´s against the rules to leave the lift unattended while still running - at least it would be over here. There are very strict regulations enforced by a special law here.
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Nope can't remember more than you did. It happens pretty much once a year in Austria.
Most tragic case last year was a little child who jumped down, injured himself and was not found til the morning. didn't mommy and her children stay on it?

I am sure that 99% of people freezing on the lift, went on it when it was closed already.
Get's you quite good money, even if you ducked the ropes in Austria
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dv has a great system for when to shut down the lift at end of day.
It was enacted years ago, after a situation where a mt.biker was left on the lift one summer night.
Both top operator and bottom operator each put a last chair sign on the respective chairs.one at the top, one at the bottom. Wheen those signed chairs arrive at the other end, they verbally tell one another that the last chair from the other end has arrived, go ahead and shut the lift down.

Your very stupid if you duck a rope, see a unattened left spinning, and you jump on it. You derserve to freeeze your +ss off.
Those people who do that sort of thing, are likely to follow thier firends and jump off a cliff.
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Just saw this article on the net. Any bears familiar with this French resort know how this could have happened?
It shoudn't !
It has been quite discussed in french media, as it echoed a famous scene of a french comedy, widely popular here, Les bronzés font du ski...
According to these (french) sources :
The management of the Arcs 's lift system has acknowledged a lack of vigilance of the employees in charge of the lifts.
It looks like it was the 'Mont Blanc' chair lift, which travel mostly over trees and ungroomed terrain (to far for someone to hear them shout), and without up to date automatic security system. On such a lift, the usual closing procedure is that the guy at the bottom of the lift phones to the upper guy the number of the last chair to leave as he closes the gates. The lift is stopped whan that chair arrives on the top of the lift. One of them seems to have got the number wrong, according to a TV report : last chait was 80 and the 2 skiers were on 90.
Now, none of them apparently intend to sue the resort, as if they were not totaly clean... It has been suggested they may have forced their way through the closed gates (that's easy on such a chair lift) to have a last run, as the liftie was not looking. So it's maybe a combination of reckless behavior and negligence.
The Police (actualy, the Gendarmerie) is currently investigating the case.
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I fell off the lift at WB a couple of days ago - luckily it was just before it went airborn and I skied out (into a tiny rocky marsh).
I was busy laughing at how stupid I was being trying to wipe all the melting snow off the seat. Total stupidity - but I was wearing wool pants and didn't want them too wet.

Result: I fall of the lift and my gloves get wet...I wear liners instead of gloves, so they're not waterproof, but I much prefer the 'feel' of the liner on the pole - thinner is better for me.
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