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Volkl 5 Star Installed Incorrectly!

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I finally took the dive and bought the Volkl 5 Star. So far I have skied on them for 5 days and I am really happy about the performance. However, when I put the two skis side by side on the wall the other day, I was surprised to discover that the bindings on the two skis are not installed at the same location!

Specifically, the piston portion of the “Motion AT w/PCOS” binding is secured to the ski by a single screw in the tip of the binding, thus the precise location of the hole/screw decides the neutral position of the piston. On my two skis, the locations of the screws differ by about 3 mm. This is very noticeable when the two skis are laid down and aligned side-by-side, even more so when I look at the piston positions against the markings in the “piston windows” next to the toe piece.

Now, I would really like to find out what the correct position of the screw should be. Would someone has the 5/6 star share your observation about the neutral position of the piston? It would be great of we can have access to the installation manual to lookup the exact specification given by Volkl.

And I wonder what I should ask the ski shop that installed the bindings to do. It makes me sad thinking about the carelessly drilled holes on the new skis.

By the way, the shop was named Ski Shop of The Year by Ski Magazine.
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We had a similar problem once and the ski shop came up with a complete new pair of skis. The tech screwed it up and they were in the wrong. They didn't flinch about it either.
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My observation is, the piston motion is more like a shock absorber. There is no neutral position. The piston provides resistance in both directions and dampens out vibrations of cambering and decambering. There is a considerable travel distance on the piston, and 3 mm will not make one ski appreciably different from the other. The binding position is fixed by a pin at the heel (see the padlock icon?). So, your skis should be performing equally, and except for aesthetics, are not affected by a 3 mm (less than 1/8") difference. It is still careless and worthy of a complaint. I am not a Volkl or Marker rep, so this is just my best guess.
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for me( albeit an acknowledged goofball) even tho it couldn't impact the skis performance....what you describe would make me nuts....it would impact my enjoyment and I would be mad and my mountain experience would be violated. (I know - crazy) More that worthy of a complaint IMO...and I am sure the shop didn't give em away....my shop did that....they'd make it right. I am certain of it. Good luck, and I (really) feel your pain. Good post.
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don't the bindings slide on a rail? I don't think it's a drilled-in binding.
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I've got two pairs of motion bindings with the PCOS or whatever it's called. Anyway.... they are not all mounted in the same position, and it doesn't affect the ski at all. Look in the ski racks next time you are atthe resort. Even if the pistons match on a particular pair of skis, you will see them mounted all over the place, Some forward, some back. Just ski it. Don't worry about it. It won't bother you unless you want it to.
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The techs are supposed to use a special template from Marker when they mount the bindings. This should allow for both skis to have the same drill point. Sure, anyone can have a different mounting point (based on forward or back preference) but shouldn't the bindings on a pair of skis be mounted in the same place? Sounds to me like the tech was eyeballing it and missed. Maybe they don't have to be exactly matched up but I know mine, my wifes and the people I work with who have the MotionAT/PCOS are all drilled at the same spot per pair of skis.
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