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Skied Heavenly last Friday (3/25) over some very sweet snow, including soft, drier'n I expected shin-high in the trees. Surprisingly uncrowded and a generally glorious day to make turns above that lake. Milky Way Bowl, with an expansive view toward the other side, was sublime. Bluebird, baby.

Gotta say, though, that some of the biggest fun of the day was hitting the Stagecoach chair over on the Nevada side. Big turners had ear-to-ear smiles, able with the wide-open space to really let 'em run and lay 'em over in big arcs. And talk about ego snow; that stuff was so flattering one would have to work real hard to keep edges from sticking and staying exactly how one intended. A few spots for some decent air-catching, too.

(As a sidenote, I don't think I've ever seen so many intermediate skiers on Volkl six-stars.)

Last Saturday at Sugar Bowl, my first time there. Best stuff was off the Lincoln chair to the top. For one, the best terrain was up there; also, given Sugar Bowl's relatively low altitude and cloudcover that kept it pretty warm, things softened up pretty quick from mid-mountain (or about Disney Nose level) on down.

Kinda frustrating day as my cousin, who skis pretty much the same way he did his first day on skis a handful of years ago, refuses to even contemplate the simple little things I tried like hell to demonstrate to him that would save his legs a little. (He's the guy - bless his heart, a great guy - you'd see from the chair and say to the guy next to you, "Texan." No offense at all, y'all Lone Star folks.) His skiing is haul ass, driving from the backseat all the way, then brake-turn. Not a hint of technique, not a mention of "hey, how can I ease the pain?" I'd demonstrate as best I could - linking turns on one ski, exaggerating downhill ski/downhill edge release, ride that stance ski, hands ahead on the "steering wheel," etc., but he'd just blast by and slam the brakes ("turning" to him) when it was time to avoid taking somebody out. It was tiring to watch. (Actually, a little sad, in that he's a great athlete with some natural skills; if he halfway applied himself he'd be having a lot more fun in not much time.)

Anyway, this relates to Sugar Bowl in that since I was going to be skiing with him - the premise of the vacation - I watched a lot of skiers coming down off Lincoln while I could only salivate. However, when his legs finally gave out at about 2 I jetted over and snagged a few laps. With it warm and getting soggy, though, I chose to traverse out early and onto the also-swampy trails. Otherwise, the off-piste was just too damn heavy for this skier. Memories of a torn MCL were dancing in my head.

Enjoyed some time watching the Tahoe area racers running the gates against each other, too. (By the way, as this relates to discussion elsewhere, Fischers were the junior turners of choice, with Atomic SL:11's in contention with the Dynastar Omegaglass(?) for second place.)