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ski demo list...BIG...advanced intermediate

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Im 6'2...240 lbs. Built a little like a notre dame fullback. I am returning to skiing after a mulit year layoff (kids) and have been up a few times this year. Im an athletic ex-advanced intermediate...meaning i had pretty decent skills when i stopped skiing, and expect to have them again pretty quickly as i become familiar with modern technique.

I recently purchased my own boots - Tecnica Rival RXs - because the crap that was available to rent was all too tight through the calve, while not nearly supportive enough. The boots are a huge leap forward...although i know they are somewhat of a compromise from an ultimate performance boot...they fit, and are reasonably responsive.

Ill be going up to Tahoe again this weekend for 4 days...they have had 2-3ft of snow in the last week.

I'd like suggestions about what to demo...realistically i will do 90 percent of my skiing on groomers...but i want something that will have some flotation under my weight. Everything i have rented has been much too short (in my opinion) and tended toward chatter at speed, inadequate rebound, and not enough tail for me to work against if i got in the back seat.

although im leaning towards a carving ski like an atomic C9 or a "9 level" skicross ski (Dynastar or Atomic) I would like other suggestions.

I plan to demo the legend 4800...i know its not a carving ski, but im hoping the additional area will add some float at my weight when i do venture into the trees.

Im apprehensive that most of the recomendations for intermediate skis...particularly at the trendy shorter lengths...are going to be too soft for me...at the same time, i dont want soemthing that wont tolerate skidding at all, and requires constant energy. Again my weight makes me wonder if the 9 level ski is going to be too soft.

comments would be appreciated. so would reccomendations for other stuff to demo.
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Given your linebacker-like dimensions I would at least check out something like the new line of Head Monsters and something like the Volkl AC3 and AC4. Also the Elan MagFire series is similar to the others. These are primarily somewhat stiff skis that carve really well and still love to be taken in crud, shallow pow and stuff like that.
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Echo vaski244, I have head monster 77's and really like them. You might also try head 1100 line and the monster 70's (shop in Truckee has demo's), good off-pieste but aimed more toward groomers. The 4800 or 8000 seems to be a Big hit. Also I skied with someone who liked the K2 apache rencon. Volkl 6*, 5* and Exp. There are so many good skis right now hard to be specific. You might try to see if Granite Chief is having a demo day in April. I did this a few years a go and was great way to try a lot of different skis. There may be a few other shops having demo's also?? Bobo's recently had one at Mt. Rose. Lastly Northstar has a demo center at the day lodge so you can demo and swap skis, they have Fisher, I think Dynastar and not sure what else. Good luck!
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I am 6'1" and 235 lb, and am loving my Fischer RX-8 skis in 180cm. These are carver skis, but they seem to do well in about everything I have skied this season. They offer amazing edge grip even on ice, and float nicely in powder (keep the skis very close together in powder or crud and they will do fine despite the narrow waist). I have skied the RX-8 very fast and hard, and they show no sign of wimping out. These are definitely some stout boards.

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keep it simple Atomic B5's at 172, they will carve, float and they are stiff enough to carry your 270 Lbs.
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