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Park City Area Conditions?

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Forecast looks like snow, but warm. What's the locals' opinion on conditions for the week?
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You must be kidding. Don't need to be a local: go Solitude, Alta, or Snowbird. (21" of new at Alta in last 24 hrs, plus 12-16 predicted for tonite.) Wish i were there.
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Word, forget PC. But if you insist, it should be decent. Getting warm though.
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Just got down- there was 4-6" on the lower mountain with frozen crust underneath. It was real warm and almost rain yesterday. But- It turned cold last night so the new was dry pow. It was fun enough- beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick... There probably was more in Jupiter, but I had to go to work. There certainly didn't seem like the 14" reported. Pleasent surprise was coming home down the front of the mountain sking through yesterdays crud covered with 6" of new- that's probably where they got the 14" figure.. groomers will be great all day at PC, Canyons, and DV. There's powder stashes around too, and more snow is supposed to come tonight.
This time of year, though, when in doubt, go Cottonwood Canyons. When Alta reports 21", believe it.
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