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Atomic SL 9.14

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Has anyone out there ever heard of an Atomic SL 9.14? The dimensions in 160cm are: 103-64-94. I was wondering since I've only seen a SL9 or 9.12, not a 9.14. Thanks for your help.
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Sounds to me like it is an older model.
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bearberry - I saw that listing where they were sold in $CAN. It looks like they are a non-US model with a little less sidecut than the US SL9. Judging by recent posts about the SL9 vs. SL11, this may not be a bad thing. I was considering getting these, if the price is right, to use for carving up hard snow on smaller eastern and midwest hills.
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Bingo... I think it was a Canadian model, and apparently it still is judging from a few of them with the latest atomic technology poping up on ebay. I'm gonna go with an SL9 with less sidecut - therefore less turny. Buy a pair so we can know how they ski.
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This is not a true Race model, but a Carv model from a few years ago. It was not a regular item, but a re-badged Beta Carv 9.14 for large chain retailers in Europe and Canada. If you want info on the ski, search for the Beta Carv 9.14. The SL name and race paint job are marketing, not function, however these skis are great slalom skis for rec-racers, like the SL:9.
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The bidding went over what I was willing to pay for the skis... I do think that someone was trying to pass this ski off as a 2003 sl9. Thanks for the info anyways...
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The only 9.14's I found on eBay are in Calif. and have the Aerospeed top, meaning last years model, since they're used. Wouldn't touch a used slalom ski with a 10 foot pole, though...
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DarkHorse - I was wondering why you wouldn't buy a used slalom ski? I have an eye out for a used SL9 if I can find one at the right price. I just want to know why you feel this way so I can make a more informed decision about any slalom skis I would be looking at. Thanks.
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aschir01- I should have said I wouldn't buy a used slalom ski from someone I didn't know, especially on eBay. What is scary is reading threads like HeluvaSkier wrote about having them premanently decambered or reverse cambered. Try doing a search here for the scary incident thread.
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