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Utah update

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19" in the Cottonwoods and 14" in Park City reported last night. The storm's supposed to hit this afternoon... Snowbird will remain open untill Memorial Day- yo Phil! Here's Kaiser the snow finding dog. We got him cheap from a search and rescue outfit in Idaho because he only found people he liked...
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yep, there's snow here...
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Ha! I want a dog just like that!

Today we have blue skies.

Snowbasin is reporting 12 inches of new snow.

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It's been amazing conditions in Utah, skied 8 days last week, 6 days with 1-2' fresh pow every day, last 2 days it was sunny. Alta had 87" of snow the first 6 days I was there! Looks like the conditons this week are just as awesome. Unbelievable for the end of March!
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I come out to Utah for at least a week each year (Jan29-Feb5 this year) and it has NEVER dissapointed. Congrats on a great season and I'm surprized with the bases out there, that resorts aren't extending their seasons
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup
I'm surprized with the bases out there, that resorts aren't extending their seasons
snowbird will be open until the snow melts away.
they have a tram that goes to 11,000 + & noone else does.
they can run late much more economically than the rest of us.
Even with the great snow and season thus far we have no bookings for our last week of operations.
there is not the demand for late season skiing.
After easter most people's minds turn to golf, biking, etc.

edit: and its snoing again. this storm is thought to hold 15-30" for us.
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What snow! You guys are all on drugs. There isn't any snow in Utah! Not a drop of new snow since mid feb. It has been sunny warm temps in the mid 80s for the past few weeks. I'm sitting here in an Aloha shirt, shorts and sandels sipping icetea. Nope I'm not going to ski in the morning. Nope no way Not this guy. I'm going to go sit by the pool. maybe play some golf.
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Cottonwood Canyons Forecast
Prepared by the National Weather Service, Salt Lake City, Utah
For use in Snow Safety Activities and Emergency Management

Date/Time Issued:
2005-03-29 13:43:00

Synopsis: ***HEAVY SNOW WARNING IN EFFECT THROUGH NOON WEDNESDAY*** A short wave trough will pass over the region this evening and allow moist northwesterly flow to dominate through Wednesday. Snowshowers will begin this evening, with periods of heavy snow overnight. Snow will taper off to snowshowers Wednesday afternoon. Additional accumulations are possible in lake effect snowband possible after midnight tonight. Total accumulations may be 3 feet in some areas.
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5;00 am report from Crabshack- 8.5 inches in driveway and coming down in bunches. Light enough that you can't make a snowball. Should be twice that up high... and even more on the western slope...
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You say The Bird is staying open till Mermoral Day. Well i'd put a six pack of Montana Moose Drool http://www.bigskybrew.com/
That they will extend even more. I remebr back in the late 90's they stayed open till Sept, skiing off the tram. Had to close for two weeks to do yearly maintiance, then reopend for the next season.
With as much snow as they have had so far this year, i' ll say it now,, the Bird will be skiing till Labor Day.
Any takers on the bet?
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GRRRR. going to get cabin fever!!!

Can't see out the windows up at Alta. Our windows are almost completely covered.

Extreme interlodge in affect
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The worst part about it is I'm only 100Yrds from the wild cat base!
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GO Baby! I'm off to DV for first chair....
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Wax your snorkle!
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dchan - you're going to get it like you've never had it before!!
Please follow up with reports of all your deep adventures!!!
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Well at 10:00 AM they finally updated our interlodge rating from extreme to maximum (down grade) We can now go to the windows and look out!

Still trapped.. Looks like we will probably not get to go out and ski today.

For those of you that have never been in the BCC or LCC during a huge storm,

Interlodge is a "status" that is like a "shelter in place" While interlodge is in affect no one except for Avalanche control personal, road crews, law inforcement and emergency crews are allowed outside of their houses. We are updated from time to time as conditions change. So far Interlodge has been in effect since 8:00 PM Tuesday evening. It's now 11:15 AM Wednesday and we can barely see across the road. Snow is blowing sideways and the deck is getting deeper and deeper.

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Originally Posted by dchan
We can now go to the windows and look out!
From you picture, any more snow and looking out won't be possible either:

You are going to have such a great time when this breaks. If you can hold a camera above the snow, post pictures.
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Wow, I'm totally jealous. I just left Monday!

I had some sweet turns in knee deep, but you're about to experience the ultimate.
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From the Alta Website (3/30):

As of 2:00 pm the road to Little Cottonwood Canyon is closed for avalanche control work. Interlodge is also still in effect. There is no estimate for when the road will open today. The ski area will not be open today. We will update this message when we receive more information. Please stay tuned here on alta.com or call the snowphone 801.572.3939.
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Dchan; oh man, too bad! I'm not sure where to put this but for Cowpix, Interlodge is when the danger of death by avalanche is so severe that no one is allowed outside the buildings- which are built to very high codes and placed out of avalanche paths (except Hellgate- that's why the condos are so cheap) High Rustler went around the turn of the century and took out the whole town...

In any case, Deer Valley just went off today- there was about 20"+ of snow so light and dry that you hit bottom on Empire bowl- which was frozen bumps so it kind of messed up the turn rythm thing.. But the other bowls were amazing with face shots all the way down..the groomers had a good foot or so on them making for some smokin' arcs early on. It was really up there as great days go. By tomorrow Alta will be so deep that steep is the word!
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As of today cumulative snow total at Alta is 602"

= 50 ft

not fair
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Originally Posted by drb
As of today cumulative snow total at Alta is 602"

= 50 ft

not fair
That's at the collins mid mountain study plot.

The main webpage snow report shows as of 4:30 PM.

settled snow depth, 211"
snowfall last 12 hours, 26"
snowfall last 24 hours, 38"
Snowfall this season 615"

Now if they would just lift interlodge so we could go get buried in that stuff!
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Oh yeah, The overnight forecast is for 8-12 inches more!

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This afternoon we were greeted with about 30 minutes of sunshine. Not enough to have interlodge lifted. Here's what we were greeted with.
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The ultimate torture. To have paradise right outside your window, and you are locked inside Hope you get some soon.
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time to cancel the return flight
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It's 8:00 in the morning The skys are almost clear, the sun is bright, We can hear the AVA Charges going off all over the mountain and.........

We are still Interlodged! ARRRRRRGGGGGG.

Actually this is good and bad.

Bad because we can't go out YET.

Good because it means the locals from SLC are probably sitting at the mouth of the canyon waiting for the road to open. If we plan this right we should be riding the chair before they get up the road!

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It dawned very clear and cold this morning- 24 degrees and diamond blue skies- patrol will have things ready in no time... perfect day everywhere in Utah.
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Better finish this last cup of coffee I got to get out there yeasterday was by far the best powder day ever! Ok i say that on every powderday. But waistdeep light blower powder! face shots and very small crowds! now that has to rank right up there with best ever! I crown this Epicski day of the Year!
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