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I just bought Atomic M9's but wonder if I bought the right ski. Maybe I should have bought M10's?

I've been skiing in straight 180 Elan RM's now for 25 years and got used to them but tried some small radius carvers last year and found them good except in straight line at speed when they got a bit twitchy. I'm 147lb, very fit and found some of the agressive ski's I tried were either too stiff or not tuned correctly as they didn't seem much better than my straights, but not sure.

I used to lay down pretty long turns probably the skis's and could only get them to hip-hop on really steep black runs but find I can do that any time with carvers on relatively gentle slopes.

Have I made a mistake?
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From your question, I can't tell if you have skied on the M9. The problems you relate were about other shaped skis. Is there something about the M9 that you don't like?
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Lance, if you've been skiing on straight skis for over 20 years, you may want to take some coaching in the modern techniques used to ski modern shaped skis. It's a whole different world out there!
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shaped skiis were not made to go straight...period..there were made to carve sweet rr track turns..as oboe said take a few lessons to get the hang of the shaped ski..it will tend to go by its self and at times that is a bit scary...no more tail skiing...no more hop turns ..lot less skidding "after a while no more skidding"
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