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Salomon S914 binding mounting

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Hi all,

I just purchased a pair of Stockli Stormrider XLs and am havind my Salomon S914 bindings transplanted from my pair of Fischer Big Stix. I'm currently using a Salomon 1080 boot, but feel that it is a little on the big side. Perhaps not this season, but the next, I am intending to get a new boot fitted, which could mean a drop from 28.5 to 28.0. If my bindings were mounted for my 28.5 boot, what would happen if I dropped the size of my boot. Would my bindings have to be remounted to fit the 28.0 boot, as the boot sole lengths are going to be different? If so, what is this going to do to the integrity of the ski?

What would be the best way of getting over this potential problem if there is one?


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With a change of a half-size only the difference in the sole length should be only minor but it´s good to check if you already know which boot you want to buy.
28 is the size, not sole length (which you find at the side of the sole).
Most traditional bindings have length adjustment of 20-24 mm at the heel. It should be sufficient unless you are at the very end now and can´t go shorter.
Mounting the binding let some play for the heel with the prospects of using a boot with a slightly shorter sole in the future.
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I believe that for the same type of Salomon boot, a 28.5 shell is the same as a 28.0 and therefore has the same sole length. I think that the 28.0 inner is narrower than the 28.5 but is actually the same length.
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Bindings mounting

I'm thinking that my foot my be better served by a Tecnica Diablo Flame boot rather than a Salomon boot, but am waiting till I have saved enough money to go to a good bootfitter make that choice for me. If this is the case, it is extremely likely that the sole boot length will be different.

So, should I just go ahead and mount the bindings using my current boot sole length, safe with the knowledge that if I were ever to change my boot, it could be easily accomodated by moving the heel piece rather than having to remount the bindings? If this is possible with the Salomon bindings, will there be a noticeable change in the balance of the ski?


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If you really want to be on the safe side you could try the Diablos to see which size you need (watch out: everybody warns that it´s advisable to downsize!) and find out how long the sole will be.
Then you can mount the binding allowing for the change in sole length your new boots will bring.

The length difference should be minor and I would not bother about your new boots being not exactly at the mounting point.

You could also mount the binding slightly forward if you know that the new boots should ideally be that way (like you already had the new shorter boots).
That´s at least what I think.
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