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Beer League Racers

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Any Bears here promote races?

I’m interested in starting a “Wed Night Race League” and would appreciate any info I can get. I’m thinking of promoting specifically a night race series (w/ training sessions).

How are yours set up? What don’t you like about them?

Any Legal Bears out there that can tell me how to cover my a$$?:

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Ours is a NASTAR format. It's run by the ski area and promoted by the bar manager.
Our area requires release forms for anyone who runs gates. That's in addition to the NASTAR forms.
In general it's run pretty well. My only complaint is that most of the courses are pretty straight.
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I run an intramural program on an Air Force Base, but we really don't have any liability issues to speak of. The big thing is getting equipment (gates, hill control equipment, and timing) and the people that are willing and able to set them up and run them. For my intramural program, the majority of the work falls on myself and my co-coordinator, with a little help in the form of course teardown at the end of the night. We set the course, distribute the bibs, run the timing, and tabulate the results. On an average race night I'm there about 6 hours and make a total of two runs through the gates and little or no freeskiing. It's a lot of work, but I enjoy it.

The Masters program I am involved with hires resort staff to run timing and set up string/fence line. The Masters coaches and I (the gate monkey) set the courses. The timing crew isn't cheap, and the Masters coaches are comped with a season pass. However, it's much easier than doing it all on my own. Sometimes I wish I had that kind of budget for intramurals.

If your resort runs NASTAR, I would see if they would be interested in running a slightly more challenging format for adults on Wednesday nights and run them as NASTAR races. If they don't have NASTAR, I would push for them to start holding races. You could offer to coordinate if you feel qualified. That and an active youth racing program provides the pipeline to feed your Wednesday night program. NASTAR has a lot of advantages as the framework is pretty well set out for you and the equipment/software/logistics are standardized.
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Gunstock in NH runs three adult race leagues. Monday day, Wed night and Thurs night. Each league is sponsored by a different local brewery. Mon and Thurs formats are through Nastar, so that racers receive handicaps for their runs and racers are grouped by gender. There are 10 racers per team in these leagues.

There is no Nastar affiliation on Wed nights and all racers are grouped together for overall results. Results are tracked by bib# only (no names since no Nastar handicap), so substitutes are very common. There are 5 racers per team.

I believe the following is common among all three leagues:
  • course inspection 1/2 hr before race start
  • 2 timed runs per racer; best time taken for team points
  • starts are on a first come-first serve basis from 5:30-8:00pm for night leagues
  • fun runs from 7:30-8:00 with priority going to racers who haven't done two timed runs yet
  • racers are rank ordered from fastest to slowest times and then are broken into groups of approx. 15. The fastest in each group get 30 points, the next get 29 etc. such that the fastest guy in the slowest group can still earn max. points for the team. Everyone earns points no matter where they end up in their group.
  • team points are tracked for the season; top x number of teams from each league meet up at the end for a race-off.
  • course set up and race admin done by the mountain's race dept.
  • racers had to sign a waiver that made you think that maybe you shouldn't put your skis on or even cross the street at the resort (if you want a CYA waiver, call Gunstock and get a copy of theirs)
Team results end up being pretty random, which keeps it entertaining. The range of results is from 25+ to 60+ seconds. We have such a good time. 38.5 weeks to go....yet, I digress. I personally like this random format.

The price for the Wed. night league was $120/per bib for 10 weeks of skiing/8 weeks of racing (9 if you made the race-off). With your bib as your ski ticket, you can ski from 3pm-10pm for the night leagues. Price also included some chow provided by the mountain in one of the lounges. Nothing fancy, but certainly edible. The sponsoring brewery sends a rep who would raffle off t-shirts, hats, whatevah, and would attempt to entice us to keep buying drinks until the results were brought in.

Good luck getting your league set up. You will make many people very happy.
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