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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
ssh--the big response has been Wed and Thur.

Maybe we can do a few drinks here at the condo Sat after skiing.
Well, I'm planning to stay in Breck for the night (unless my friend's place is full), so we could even grab a bite, if you'd like... Everyone welcome!
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UL, you guys going to Vail on Wednesday, right? I might be able to skip out of work and join up, if you don't mind an addition.
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I spoke with UL on the phone a few hrs ago, and things are still on for Vail/Wed. He is suggesting that everybody meet at Golden Peak, lower level, in the hallway where the pay lockers are.

He will also have his cell phone with him, the number is posted up above...
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Do you still have room for me?

Hey guys, cant wait to ski with all of you, after Killington this is going to be sweet, I guess Seth is out there with you skiing his heart out and not complaining too much. I cant believe how many people you have rounded up, looks like when I come out wednesday night there will be a party going on! Will you all still have room for me at the Teaching Styles Condo? Do you need me to bring out anything special for the party on Thuraday? Let me know? The FISH Person
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I hope to see you folks in the am at Golden Peak. I have a few $30 tickets if needed.

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Originally Posted by bong
I have a few $30 tickets if needed.
I definitely could use one!
See you tomorrow.
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@ 8" new here at Breckenridge today.......and VSP tells me it was about the same over at Vail.

Everybody is welcome for sure tomorrow at Vail....meeting place downstairs at Golden Peak by the customer lockers.

Please try to be ready to get on the hill at 9:15 sharp because there are people meeting us on the hill........and that group will be a treat !

See you all tomorrow
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Welcome to Epic Fisherman. Just hurry up and get here....we still have space and did a bunch of the party prep tonight, for the Thursday night deal here......see you when you get in.

ssh----sounds good on something after skiing on the 9th. I'll PM you.
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Hey Uncle Louie- I tried to call you today at Breck, and left a message on your cell phone. Great skiing anyway, even by myself. I was mostly off of chair 6 and the t bar. It looks like my next time up will be next Monday- planning on Vail, depending on conditions.
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Great day at Vail

Uncle Louie, thanks for starting this thread that resulted in the great crowd at Vail today. Please thank Joan for me, for sticking with me and giving me pointers.

A big thanks also to VailSnoPro for showing us around.

It was great to meet and ski with everyone, Bong, Tracy, CalG, madmike, Ingrid, Shelley, Mary(?). Hope I didn't hold everyone up too much. Looking forward to the pictures taken today. Here's a panorama I took of China Bowl from Tea Cup Express today:
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Faisasy---you didn't hold us up at all ! Thanks for coming along. It was a very fast skiing group.

Thanks to VSP for a great tour and an entertaining day !

It was a heck of a turnout and everybody had a ball......I am glad I had a chance to meet and ski with this group of very talented Bears...
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Hi again everybody---The meeting place for Saturday is at the base of the lift in front of the Hyatt, ready to hit the hill at 9:15
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Is it at Beaver Creek on Saturday at 9:15?
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The last two days were huge ! There were 12 out Wed. and 13 out at Copper yesterday.

Those that couldn't connect up with us on the hill did end up coming to the party. We had 20 there ! I think I saw bklyntracy and somebody line-dancing (may have been the Coors). Well there was a lot of laughs, I got to meet and hang with a lot of fun Bears, pass along an almost new pair of boots to cgrandy's daughter and there is leftovers !

Thanks everybody !
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Uncle Louie,
Thanks for 2 fun filled days. Good Weather, great company, super sking and a dynamite party last night!! Doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks to VSP for the Vail tour too.

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I plan on being there Sunday, Monday, maybe Tuesday too. Time to finally meet some of these fine Bears. Where we skiing Monday? LewBob
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See some of you tomorrow night!
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LewBob---Monday and Tuesday have to be somewhere in Summit County--------We are out of Vail days. If we don't connect today at BC.....then PM me and we can figure something out.

Can't commit to anything this AM...the social schedule has been hectic and we have no hot water in the condo this morning: . Any Bears skiing today---stay upwind !
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It was a real pleasure to meet all the bears and friends at Vail this past Wed. A great bunch, and fun to hang with!

I hope I was able to show you some of what Vail Mtn has to offer, and keep everybody excited with the terrain and snow selections.

It was really a treat to become reacquainted with Joan Heaton. She is still just as great as I remember her from the Nat Academy's of the early 80's.

Sorry I couldn't join up for the party that evening, but I had previous committments. I hear I really missed a good one! Maybe on the 16th?

Meanwhile- have a great time where ever you happen to be skiing. Be safe and have fun!
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
LewBob---Monday and Tuesday have to be somewhere in Summit County--------We are out of Vail days. If we don't connect today at BC.....then PM me and we can figure something out.

Can't commit to anything this AM...the social schedule has been hectic and we have no hot water in the condo this morning: . Any Bears skiing today---stay upwind !
I will probably call you when I get up there tonight. Unfortunately I am coming down with a cold and it went straight to my lungs. Hopefully I will feel up to meeting you all for a few runs tomorrow and I promise to stay down wind and not kiss anybody . I don't want anyone else to catch this.

I am glad you all are having such a good time. I've been thinking about you while at work. LewBob
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All I can say is "Wow". I had a wonderful time meeting and skiing with all the Bears (including my brother Calvin and niece Mary).

Great ski tours from Ric and Barry (with many thanks to Ric for retrieving my hat - I owe you some beers), and big thanks to Uncle Louie for hosting the Apres Ski on Thursday at Joan's. Really appreciated all the planning and coordination.

I may be up for closing weekend. My friend (and Copper ski instructor) Cyndy Gal suggested Breck on Saturday, Copper on Sunday. I have to check with her if that's still the plan, but am wondering if there's any interest?
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Coincidence: Cyndy Gal is also a friend of mine, as well as a few other Bears. The skiing community is a small world!
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Ric.........If you get a chance, put up some of the pics. You had to have got some good stuff on film.
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Bears---please note. My phone seems to be not always ringing in, and messages are getting here very late.

Viking called today while my phone was on and it did not ring in and the message got to me over an hour after the call. I am sorry if you tried to get up with me and could not.
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flix from Vail

Ingrid admiring her atomics and the fresh wax job done by Jared.
Bong gets ready
Mt Snow - represent!
Ready to Go!
It's a family affair
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Uncle Louie
do you recognize any of these bears?
Father & Daughter fun.
Found some powder
Vailsnopro points the way
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Uncle Louie
Bong & cagboulder on the lift
Ingrid in the bumps
Uncle Louie
madmike, cal & vail snopro
The group @ two elk
L to R - vail snopro, madmike, bong, Ingrid, Uncle Louie, Joan, Jared, cagboulder, Cgrandy, Mary. foreground- bklyntrayc.
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Well, here I sit at DIA while I await a decision on when I'll be able to get out of here. Weather is pretty nasty and all Delta and AA flights have been cancelled until 5pm. My NW flight is still gonna try to get off since the plane was here overnight. I should've just stayed in Summit County another couple of days since it looks like I'll be stuck here for a while.

First of all I publicly give a HUGE thanks to Uncle Louie for inviting me out and helping make this trip possible for me. Also a big thanks to Joan Heaton for letting me crash at her condo. It was a ski trip that I won't soon forget. It was my second time in the West and what a super trip. It was so great meeting everyone and having such great guides! Everyone is such a class act. The skiing was awesome and everyone seemed to notice a marked improvement in my skiing. The things I learned from the caliber of people I was around are priceless.

I have so many things to say I can't even think of them and my time here on the computer is running out. The party was awesome, the skiing incredible, and the camraderie(sp?) was EPIC! I've never seen so many people from different areas, races, and cultural differences be able to connect and enjoy the one thing that we all love. Skiing is definitely a wonderful thing!

My time is up here. Hopefully I will make it home sometime today although it isn't looking good. Take care all and I'll check back in at home. Thanks everyone!

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Great photo's!! Thanks for sharing them and a fun time last week.

Nice shot of China bowl. Lets not wait too long to ski together again.

Enjoyed skiing with you and sharing all the fun with new friends a great snow. Really did see some positive changes in your skiing in the days we shared with other bears. : Hope you don't have to spend too much time in the airport.

There's still lots of skiing left here in CO this week and till Loveland and A-Basin close. I till have several $30 tickets for Vail/Breck if needed. They'll be wasted if not used.

Next weekend's plan sounds good.

We'll do it again next year?? :

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