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Loose canting screws

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Hello everyone,
I just found out that the canting screws on my Rossi b2 boots weren't tighten up probalby since the start of this season . I think my body adjust to the loosen screws while skiing. I wonder anyone experienced that and whether that will create any bad habit for my skiing in the long run ? Thanks for the inputs.
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I have a 5 year old pair of Atomic 10:50 race boot and a pair of the 11:50 foams (3yo)... both boots had a problem with the lateral cant screws. The effect on my skiing was that I would need to really get my shin over before the ski would engage. The long terms effects on your skiing should be nothing. You will simply generate better edge angles and be able to modulate them with greater accuracy when your boots are aligned and tight.

Some Loc-Tite (unsure of spelling) solved that problem. The paranoia persists so I keep an allen wrench in my bag to check tightness. Also why I'm making the move to a plug for next year.

Oh yeah, befor I forget... FOR SALE Atomic race 11:50 foam - never used and in great shape $950 or best offer
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It happens a lot. I've seen the screw get lost.
Loc Tite and checking frequently is about it.
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