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After rereading all of mrzinwin's posts, I have to scratch my head and wonder why anyone would be offended. He has been polite and thoughtful in presenting an alternative (and, in my mind, reasonable) point of view. Are we so intolerant of differing opinions that we have to attack and denigrate anyone who disagrees with us?

I second the opinion that the solution is to lock your skis. I've seen many signs at ski resorts telling guests that stealing happens and that all skis should be locked. Anyone who pleads ignorance of the risks are probably the same people who sue McDonalds because they were burned by the hot coffee ("They didn't put a 'Warning: The hot beverage you just bought may be hot' sign on my coffee!").
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Go back and read the posts. "Divinity" etc along with a few subtle and embelished comments for spin.

Basically, I think he is not aware of the extent of the problem. When you are working at an area and the boss puts the flag up that "they are on the move again" .... two or three times a year you have to ask what's being done to protect the public ..... not just the staff.

Silly me for feeling sorry for the "rich guy" who had the new skis stolen. Screw him right? We "insiders" are all who matters right?

And the cops at Killington are solving murders and rapes by the scores? Hell, the biggest problem that the Killington cops have are the beer brawls the NYC crowd doles out.

Sad thing is that back in the 60's the problem just didn't exist to the extent that is does today. But, we did have our name on our skis ..... at the "sacrifice of our dignity" as pointed out by our NYC critic.
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