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Whiteface? last day or two

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Has anyone skied whitface in the last couple of days? How is it?
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This past Fri-Sun were very good spring conditions. Rain today, but should still be ok.
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is the summit chair fixed?
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Yes it is.
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i guess the slides are off limits.....do you think this weekend will be ok after this hot week...
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I'm not worried about the warm weather, I'm worried about the rain forcast for Sat. :
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i got to ask aout the slides, can you just hike up to them from the lift? and if i do will the state troopers be waiting for me?:
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you can hike to them from the chair-but if they're not "open" you could get your pass yanked or something-they have been approached from the whiteface highway side and skied with no consequences afaik....
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so if they are not open, which it seems everytime i go is the case, there is no way of skiing them unless i go by the highway side? which from the map is to the left of the chair? i need some clarification...
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the whiteface veterans memorial highway starts in wilmington and ends just below the summit-if you're looking up at the ski area-its a little to the right and over the backside
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was at whiteface on sunday, finally figured out how to access them as per your directions, talked to the lift operator, who was cool enough to say that many people duck the closed signs, himself included. anyways next year, hopefully ill be able to do them.
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